Best Secret Bars: The Ostrich

by Dorian Boddie

The Ostrich, one of Phoenix’s more popular hidden haunts, is the second stop of my three-part speakeasy expedition (see the first stop here). The Ostrich resides in Historic Chandler; a three-block section of town bustling with locally owned shops, restaurants, bars and breweries. With so many spots seeking to stake claim to your date night budget, The Ostrich has successfully distinguished itself as a prime contender.

For entrance into this subterranean hot spot, look for a suspicious bouncer stationed atop a flight of stairs leading to a single black medieval door illuminated by an incandescent red overhead light. Once inside, the candlelit wood grain tables and vintage tufted leather couches lining exposed brick walls instantaneously transport you to a 1920’s flapper era hideaway.

This speakeasy features about a dozen handcrafted cocktails all starting north of $10. During my visit I went with the Penicillin, our server’s favorite cocktail and one that did not disappoint. The yellow hued beverage was served in a weighty glass that came ice cold to the touch, likely due to an over-sized ice cube perfect for Arizona summers. I was initially hit with the bite of Johnnie Walker Black but lemon juice and subtle hint of ginger helped mellow the libation out.

Word of caution: the service may fall short of any five star expectations. After watching my empty rocks glass cry tears of condensation for the better part of twenty minutes I came to the sobering realization that the odds of ordering another cocktail were not favorable.

I can honestly say that the signature craft cocktails at The Ostrich have always left me more than satisfied. If you find yourself in downtown historic Chandler and you are looking for a break from the norm, a visit to The Ostrich may be worth your time (if you can find it). Check out The Ostrich here.

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