VIP Travel Treatment

Take traveling to new heights with one-of-a-kind accommodations that invite you to fully explore and experience your destination within the utmost confines of luxury.


Heathrow Airport’s By Invitation
Elite travelers – like select VIPs and heads of state – frequently slip inside Heathrow airport via By Invitation through a dedicated entrance at Terminal 5 before being transported to a private lounge, where passport control, security and luggage collection all take place at once in discreet comfort. Guests can also take reprieve in boarding the plane before anyone else.

The Helipad at the Carefree Boulders
The on-site helipad at the boulders in our very own Carefree, Ariz., is a choice haven for those jetting in to Scottsdale or Sky Harbor. After a copter ride, guests can effortlessly transfer from a  golf cart to a villa without ever encountering crowds.

Eurostar VIP Check-In
In partnership with the fully restored St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel nearby, the Eurostar offers guests of the Chambers annex the ultimate in easy check-in. While most other travelers are required to check in and clear security 30 minutes before departure, St. Pancras guests can lounge in their suites until that time. A butler then totes luggage to the terminal, fast-tracks security and personally escorts each guest to his or her seat on the train.

Park Hyatt Sydney’s Personal Elevator

From breathtaking views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House from its outdoor terrace, the Park Hyatt Sydney offers an exclusive elevator from within the covered parking garage that gives guests some to-and-go privacy.

Source: Departures Magazine

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