Holiday Lights and Festivities from a Real London Double Decker Bus

If you’re yearning for a little bit of London among the dry Arizona desert and prickly cacti, take a ride on an authentic double decker London bus straight from the motherland.


The Real London Bus Company is dedicated to provide a fun and unique way to get around with a bit of old English flair as you sing along to the Beatles and sip tea. Seating up to 70 people comfortably, the distinctive red double decker bus can be employed for almost any event, including weddings, pub crawls or just a much-needed night on the town with friends.

Real London Bus was started by two British chaps who now reside in Phoenix. The duo has four original buses from London, meaning that, yes –  the steering wheel is on the proper right side.

For the Holiday season, Real London Bus Company is offering two exclusive Holiday Light Tours –  east and west. Buses will be decked out in Holiday cheer, including a Christmas tree inside, while up to 55 guests are welcome to sing along to Holiday music with caroling hand-sheets and hot cocoa that will be provided.  Passengers are also welcome to bring their own food and drink aboard, including alcohol.

For more information about Real London Bus Company, its Holiday specials and other rates, please visit

6767 N. 7th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone: 480-334-8372

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