5 of the Cheapest Cities to Fly Into Europe

Girl on the wooden jetty

Girl on the wooden jetty

Your adventure book is filled with numerous dream European vacation destinations.  It’s easy to dream about these places, but taking the time and spending the money for the trip is a bit more difficult.  Rather than push your dream trips far back in your mind, it’s time actually let yourself live the dream.

Often the biggest thing standing between you and your dream destination is the expensive plane flight across the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s easy to let the pricey tickets deter you.  Luckily, there are a few tricks to the trade of finding the cheapest cities to fly into in Europe.  With these prices, you’ll experiencing authentic European culture in no time!

Featured below are the cheapest cities in Europe to fly into.

Barcelona and Madrid, Spain

Why Barcelona and Madrid?

The Barcelona El Prat airport and the Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD) offer inexpensive flight options in comparison to many other big cities in Europe. The cities are some of Europe’s most popular vacation escapes.

Warsaw, Poland

Why Warsaw?

Warsaw provides inexpensive flights into the country due to lower taxes and operating costs in Poland.  The savings are passed onto travelers.

Night panorama of Warsaw

Dublin, Ireland

Why Dublin?

An airline that flies into Dublin, Aer Lingus, are some of the most inexpensive flight services in Europe. This is due to lower taxes at the airport.

Medieval Irish castle at  Malahide, in Dublin

Milan, Italy

Why Milan?

Emirates airlines flies directly into Milan, with some of the most competitive flights when it comes to airfare.  If you’re looking to travel to Italy, it is incredibly cheaper to fly into Milan than it is to fly into Rome.

Aerial view of Milan, with the famousest skyscraper.

Regardless of which European city you choose to fly in, it is essential to make sure you have received a fair price. Be sure to compare your fare on a fare compare website. This will make sure your prices aren’t unfairly escalated.

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