Valley Girl Horoscope: April 2021

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April is all about stating or understanding what you want and what your personal needs are as we move into the warmer part of the year. 

During April, the Sun transits through Aries, the first sign of spring, and then Taurus. The planet of communication, or Mercury will spend time in Pisces, Aries and Taurus this month. Venus will move from me-me-me Aries into earthy Taurus on April 14th, and Venus becomes the star of the show.

Mars completes its transit in Gemini and moves into Cancer on April 23rd, putting a focus on home, family and our emotional lives.

For the majority of the month, no planet is retrograde, so we will move full steam ahead this month which is a fairly rare occurrence giving us an opportunity to accomplish a great deal on a collective level and in our own lives.

The first New Moon of the spring falls in Aries on April 12th, followed by an unpredictable if not explosive full moon in Scorpio April 27th that may shake things up and bring about a desire for more personal freedom.

As the Sun switches from Aries to Taurus on April 19th, our thoughts and energies will begin to focus on other things besides our own personal needs. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, values and money so we will become more grounded and focused on the material and physical world. By April 20th, the Sun, Venus and Mercury will all be in Taurus forming a stellium in the sky, or a group of planets ruled by Venus forcing us to look at our material as well as emotional needs.

April 27th, Pluto turns retrograde as it does every year, and we will begin to focus on those issues that lie deep in our subconscious mind and work to address them, before we are forced to do so in some encounter the universe brings to our attention.

Mercury enters Aries

April 3rd, the planet of communication moves from creative Pisces into Aries and we begin a new intellectual cycle. While in Aries communication as well as thinking will pick up speed and shift toward a style of getting straight to the point, sometimes to the point of even seeming abrupt or rude to others, so it is important to watch our words and tone.

For the Fire signs this will seem very natural and comfortable, and for others (especially Water signs) this type of communication may seem too harsh or outside their comfort zone.

Conveying information and ideas will be faster, sharper and without beating around the bush but we must watch out for overly assertive communication with others or getting carried away with ideas that have not been thoroughly thought out as our mind may be moving so fast.

At its best Mercury in Aries can provide us with a mental state that is optimistic, encouraging, on point and self-confident. At its worst Mercury in Aries can come across as thoughtless, aggressive, impatient and without respect as we can sometimes forget to approach conversations in a thoughtful manner. Details can be missing in conversation as Aries is prone to streamlined thinking and communication and does not like to get bogged down in details.

April 6th, Venus sextiles Mars bringing the male and female planets into harmony. This gives us a window of opportunity to express ourselves in an easy and positive manner and romantic encounters could surface.

April 9th, Mars squares Neptune and this energy will be powerful in the few days before and after. This is difficult energy, tiring and it may be confusing. Neptune tends to fog the issues at hand, and for this energy to work, we must leave our egos at the at the door. Judgment may be poor making this a negative time for important decisions but the New moon will soon bring more clarity and this will pass.  

The cure for this transit will be Mercury’s sextile to Saturn on April 10th. While Neptune-Mars is difficult and confusing, Mercury-Saturn transits tend to show us the reality of the situation, and much can be accomplished and completed on a transit like this. Also, on April 10th, Venus sextiles Jupiter which can bring a hopeful and positive energy to the table. You may not be overly ambitious, but it could make for a pleasant and relaxed day.

Aprils New Moon

April 11, the New Moon falls at 22 degrees of Aries. Aries rules the first house of the self and we are typically connected with our own personal needs, sometimes to the exclusion of others. This will mark a time of fresh starts and new beginnings!

We can expect to be active and our energies will be fueled by Mars, Aries ruler. This moon may seem aggressive to some, and we may as well expect some of the people we are involved with to seem cranky as Aries does not work as well for Water signs as it does Fire signs.

This Moon will give us an opportunity to decide where we are going and how we get there, as it is the first full moon of spring and marks a brand new cycle.

Transformation and change may well be on our mind as this moon will square Pluto, the harbinger of change and transformation, making change possible, but at the same time not easy. For some, the Moons square to Pluto could bring revelations, but if so, this is information we need to move forward.

Venus has entered its square to Pluto as well, and this is exact just after 11:00 PM, EDT.

Venus-Pluto transits can bring up obsessions, hidden desires and issues concerning money. You could experience some type of revelation or understanding concerning a relationship, and this can be hard energy to handle. Arguments and disagreements can arise, so this is not the best time to bring up contentious issues, and if you do be prepared for the answer. At times, old lovers may resurface or you could feel fixated on something from the past. At best, this transit can transform, and at worst, it can be destructive due to its obsessive nature. Pluto transits tend to tear things down before they rebuild.

April 13th, the Sun’s sextile to Mars will present us with the energy and ability to accomplish a great deal if we tap into this energy. This will be followed by April 15th’s positive sextile to Jupiter which is typically upbeat and hopeful.

Venus enters Taurus 

Venus leaves Aries for Taurus April 14, where it will remain until May 9th. Venus is at home in Taurus and works very well in this sign. Over the next few weeks there will be a focus on love, money, luxury items or beauty, beautiful things, relationships and values. Also, it’s about getting value for your money.

Now is the time to focus on relationships, and putting your emotions and feelings first along with what you share with others. This can be a relaxed, sensual period of time over the next three weeks where we are focused on the physical, the beautiful, and we can feel grounded and connected to the outdoors. Plan a walk or hike, and get grounded by Mother Earth. Typically this is a great time for planting and getting your garden under control.

Now is the time to seek pleasure in all forms, and this period typically embodies harmony with others, and can be a beautiful chilled out and relaxed period.

April 16th, the Sun squares Pluto and this can be a day fraught with tension and power struggles. At best, this aspect may transform something in your life, but it may not be especially easy. Pluto rules the bullies of the world, or those pushing their own agenda so use caution. This will be a significant news day.

April 17th, Mars trines Jupiter and this is a positive, pleasant and easy aspect. For some this may bring luck, and for others accomplishment through hard work. You could be dealing with the law or lawyers, some cause of justice or make financial decisions at this time. Either way, this aspect is hopeful and is at times, associated with luck. Also on April 17th, Mercury squares Pluto and this is indicative of obsessive or very deep thinking, and it may be difficult to let go of a particular subject you have on your mind this day. At best, you can dig into something and at worst, this can provoke arguments, disagreements and revelations, but the positive Mars energy will go a long way toward balancing this aspect out.

The Sun enters Taurus

March 19th, the Sun enters Taurus, and the Taurus season begins. As we switch from Aries to Taurus, we should have experienced some new beginnings in our lives, whether personal or in work. The Sun in Taurus is a time to become steady on our feet, get grounded, and turn our attention to more material concerns. This represents the second sign of spring when the seed begins to grow, and our new beginnings from the previous month should start to show growth. Taurus is typically a relaxed, sociable period of time as Venus is the ruler of the sign.

Mercury enters Taurus

Along with the Sun, Mercury also enters Taurus April 19th where it will remain until May 4th. Expect communication to slow down and become more thoughtful and less brash. This is a congenial sign for Mercury prone to deep, if not thoughtful communication with others, that may often be centered around Venus ruled events such as pleasure or material items. As this is a fixed sign, some may tend toward stubbornness, and typically once a decision is made under Mercury-Taurus it is final.

April 22, Venus conjuncts Uranus. This can bring sudden and unpredictable situations, good or bad. Utilize this day to do or try something different. The energy can be energizing or chaotic, depending on what it aspects in your personal chart. Now is the time to try something new in your social life or relationship, and at times this aspect can be connected with a greater desire for freedom. It is possible we could see shifts in finances at this time.

The planet of action enters Cancer

April 23rd, Mars, the planet of action and the God of War enters Cancer until June 11th. Over the next 6 or 7 weeks, many of our actions will be focused on or around the home, family, and those we live with. During this time you could be involved in a change or move involving the home, real estate, or changes concerning these matters. You could paint, redecorate or buy new furniture.

Mars in Cancer also brings up basic foundation/security issues or issues with parents and older relatives. While this may work well for Water signs, and perhaps Earth, it may be hard to handle for Air and especially fire signs. This will be the start of a new 2 year cycle for those born under the sign of Cancer.

Cancer is the most emotional sign of the zodiac and as Mars changes signs you may notice people becoming much more emotional, crabby or melancholy. 

With the focus on the home, you may plan family reunions, look for real-estate, take cooking classes, look into family genealogy, or other  family related activities as these are all good uses of this energy.

Mars is not at home in Cancer and energy does not flow well. It is considered to be at its fall, meaning it loses strength and influence in this placement.

Cancer rules the home and family and the homeland. We will likely see issues arise of national concern and the homeland. Patriotism in all of its forms, good or bad, may be more prevalent at this time.

Also, on April 23rd, Mercury conjuncts Uranus. This is prone toward futuristic thinking but also scattered thinking and communication. Watch for accidents, unexpected mood changes, and the potential for unexpected communication or news.

April 24th Venus squares Saturn. This can be a 24 hour period that can bring about tiredness, melancholy or depression. This is not good for social matters, or you could feel unloved or socially shy. This is a short lived transit that no one should take too seriously.

April 25th Mercury squares Saturn. This is much like the above mentioned transit, but it is more intellectual than emotional. This day can be prone toward negative thinking, communication, and tiredness. 

April Full Moon

April’s full moon occurs April 26th/27th depending on which coast you live on. The lunar peak occurs at 8 degrees of Scorpio and this moon will oppose Uranus. With a powerful aspect like this we can expect unexpected situations to arise and some of them may seem explosive. This day and the few before and after may be full of unexpected events, mood changes and changes of plans. Freedom and money or loans, mortgages and joint finances may be a theme, and we could see changes in financial markets.

Many people may desire more freedom, and some relationships and other situations may end or change unexpectedly.

Uranus can rule brilliance and change, but also disruption and unexpected themes. For some, this could be an ideal time to make a change in a new direction. It is a moon we should not make rigid plans for and remain fluid in terms of changing activities and events.

As this moon also opposes the Sun, Venus and Mercury, events could concern loved ones, romance and relationships, young people, travel and communication. As the Moon squares Saturn, energies can be tiring, negative, and we may feel we are not up to all of our responsibilities.

At this time we can expect major, if not unexpected events and news/news events surrounding this full moon. We will see many changes around the globe, and some of the events could concern finance, and the financial markets and other matters.

April 27th, Pluto, or the God of the Underworld changes direction and retrogrades as it does every year. World events often occur around this time but on a personal level we may hardly notice it. Events and concerns may become more internalized, plans made, and internal issues resolved between now and October 6th, when it turns direct again.

April 29th, Mercury sextiles Neptune which can bring about a creative day full of psychic feelings or experiences. This is a compassionate transit and a day to help out others. 

April 30th, the Sun conjuncts Uranus and this is another aspect prone to sudden and unexpected changes. We may feel positively electric on this day, full of new visions and ideas, or in the typical style of Uranus transits it can be a day where nothing goes as expected and many changes occur. Take the high road, remain fluid in terms of daily activities and take advantage of any unexpected wisdom that may come your way!

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