National Wellness Month: Astrology & Self-Care

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By Leslie Hale, Astrologer

We all need to take care of ourselves and using the stars as a guide we can become our better selves within and on the outside, and throughout all kinds of different situations that may crop up in life.

A little knowledge of astrology can show you what the best times are for you to move forward, and the times you need to just coast as opposed to pushing yourself to start something new.

Timing can be everything, and so can knowing your true purpose in the world. Through astrology we can learn to overcome our weaknesses, appreciate our greatest strengths and find peace through knowing who we really are, what we are capable of, and what kind of times lie ahead.

Knowing Yourself

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The most successful people know themselves; that is their true assets and weaknesses. If your self-care routine includes the pursuit of self-improvement, then astrology can be an immense help.

Astrology has risen in popularity over the last 10 years which tells us people are looking to gain deeper insight into themselves and their lives as well as the most important people around them.

Sometimes we play out negative traits and characteristics without really understanding why. Or we can have significant blind spots in terms of our relationships that can prevent us from achieving happiness with another person.

Or maybe we are in a job that seems like a dead end with no real idea where we really belong. Or we are part of a family that just can’t seem to get along.

There is nothing worse than being in a relationship that is a dead end and repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Astrology can show you the type of individual you are really meant to be with, or what attracted you to a negative relationship in the first place so you won’t repeat the mistake again.

Alternatively, you can look at the individual in question in a clear and unbiased manner and make your decisions based on what makes them tick and whether or not you are capable of providing what they want.

We all have strengths and talents some of which can go unrecognized for years. Astrology can point you in the right direction to purse the type of job or career you would be good at and feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment in life.

By consulting a knowledgeable astrologer who can point out our true strengths we can better understand ourselves and our place in the world. Knowledge of another person’s true nature and character and what draws us to someone who is or is not right for us, whether a lover or a boss, can make a huge difference in terms of personal happiness and peace.

Most newspaper horoscopes are focused only on the Sun sign. Astrology is so much more than just a Sun sign. For instance, the Moon can describe what you need on an emotional level. For women Venus and Mars can describe the type of man they will attract.

For men, a future wife is represented by the Moon and Venus. The 10th house of the natal chart describes the career, along with the 6th house. The 2nd house describes income and our financial lives. 

Access to knowledge and understanding of your personal birth chart can go a long way toward answering the deeply held questions many of us have about our lives and futures.

You can also gain insight into another individual’s character and what makes them tick. Let’s say you have met someone you are attracted to and they seem to spend a lot of time alone in spite of the fact that when you are together things go well. 

Access to their birth chart might explain that time alone is necessary for their own mental health and regeneration. So, if this were the case you could understand how they tick and what they need rather than taking things personally and getting upset unnecessarily.

Astrology Can Become a Spiritual Practice of Sorts

Astrology is not a religion but is a type of philosophy/science that has developed over thousands of years. Unlike religion astrology is all inclusive and points to a higher power, and all are welcome to understand the many deep meanings and insights it can offer.

There is no categorization of any individual based on gender, sexuality or race, but rather what the planets are in the birth chart and the possibilities they reveal. An NPR poll has found that many Americans, especially millennials are moving away from traditional religion.

Many people are looking for spiritual meaning without having to commit to a group and certain doctrines. Astrology can give you a medium through which you can feel connected to the universe and others without belonging to an organized religious sect.

Alternatively, it does not discriminate toward those who do belong to a religious organization. Astrology leads to a deeper understanding of self and others regardless and is available to all who are interested.

Astrology Can Provide Order in Times of Chaos and Instability

At this time there is not a great deal of order or stability in the world with Covid, the political issues, the economy, the propaganda, issues over racism, and upcoming elections. Astrology can show us what is happening in the world, or in our own individual lives, and shine a light and meaning on the chaos.

Using astrology, we can understand all things happen for a reason and a season, change is a constant and all things have an end date.

Using astrology as a form of self-care comfort can be found in looking forward to better times and when they will occur. Astrology can show us pre-determined events for better or worse and help us make better choices and be prepared for what lies ahead whether we are looking at 10 years down the road or just a day.

Using astrology we can figure out in advance what our reactions should be toward certain events and gives us a foundation for better decision making.

Astrology can give us a clearer understanding of what we might need on any given day in terms of self care and caring for ourselves as well as others.

For example, if you find circumstances are going to be difficult over the next few days you have the option of doing things to de-stress yourself or even change the narrative you are dealing with by changing your actions/reactions.

Regardless of how deep you want to go there are many ways you can use astrology to enhance and improve your overall well-being and self-care.

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