Vital You CBD Bath Bombs ~ Your Baths Will Never Be the Same

I’d love to introduce you to the relaxing bathtime products that offer healing benefits (both inside and out).

Vital You – is a locally-sourced, Boulder line of luxurious bath bombs featuring natural essential oils, hemp-derived CBD isolates, flower essence, botanicals, and a purpose in every single one you use!

Create a memorable and effective bathtub experience to help with a number of different outcomes. Examples include:

  • Cherish – presence & inspiration
  • Deep – ease tension & relieve discomfort
  • Sleep – deep rest & rejuvenation
  • Breathe – clearing & invigorating
  • Bloom – heart-opening & joyful
  • Surrender – flow & be free
  • Bliss – eternal joy & never-ending splendor

Each bath bomb is only $14, is super effective, and also beautiful and thus looks great on display or to give as gifts!

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