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Trend Spot: Red wedding dresses

Bridal Fashion Week in New York is well underway and two traditional design houses have already caused a buzzing trend frenzy. Although bridal designers often tweak and twist the traditional white dress into its most obtuse design forms, most were not prepared for the solid-color wedding dress.

And not just any color: primary red.

Looks from the Vera Wang/Oscar de la Renta

Vera Wang’s collection was entirely made up of the strong color; playing on hues from scarlet to deep magenta, while Oscar de la Renta also showed two red numbers in a collection already dotted with daring color.

The red influence can be accredited to China, where the color red corresponds with fire, symbolizing good fortune and joy. A fleet of well-polished Chinese ladies crowded the front row of Paris Fashion Week this year, putting the emerging nation as a new fashion force.

Vera Wang’s spring 2012 lookbook specifically notes:

“The symbolism of Red. Boldly romantic, charming, protective, grand, seductive, sexy. From dahlia to scarlet, crimson and vermilion. A celebration of love.”

Not to mention, Wang, also known as the “queen of bridal,” is planning on being the first designer to introduce the bridal market to Asia.

Nevertheless, tradition remains in the silhouette. Most dresses across the bridal fashion board featured ruffles, flower patterns, décolletage overlay, corset silhouette and frothy skirts.

Stay tuned for Marchesa’s collection today.

What do you think? Will red, or any other color, replace the traditional white dress?

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