The Best Places to Buy and Sell Your Clothes Online

Take a look around your closet and you’ll probably see them: that neglected Holiday dress from two years ago, last fall’s dated Baroque print pants and trendy footwear you’ve already stopped wearing. Shoppers looking to replenish their closets can now turn to a bunch of Web platforms, besides eBay and Etsy, to sell and exchange old wares. Read on to determine which of these new e-clothing websites would work best to sell your goodies.



Take a picture of the item you’d like to sell and upload it to or the Threadflip app, and just fill out an easy form about your item. After you’re done uploading your stuff, shop the boutique-like website, where thousands of new pieces are added every day. You can also sign up for Threadflip’s easy White Glove Service, whereby the company sends you an empty prepaid box to mail both unused and pre-loved items. Threadflip then selects, prices and lists your item in their Editor’s Picks closet, and you receive 60 percent of the total for items sold.

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Presented in a Pinterest-like format, identify and connect with people whose style is compatible with yours, and virtually shop their closets. According to its website, users can upload an item they’d like to sell in less than 60 seconds. Once again, prepaid shipping labels are supplied by the company and sent to your door, and you get to keep 80 percent of the selling price.

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This site’s motto is “buying quality, looking after it, then sending it back out there.” Once you become a member to this invite-only club, submit your designer or vintage item. When someone is interested in buying your piece, Refashioner sends you a shipping label that you send back with your item via USPS. You receive the money in your account within three days, which you can use to either cash out or shop on the site more.

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If you and your friends share similar tastes, why not aggregate the things you want to sell and create your own e-shop for them to pick and choose? That’s exactly what Copious does. Sponsored by Google Ventures last year, this socialized app also features castoffs from fashion bloggers and stylists like Brad Goreski. However, to list, you must pay a 3.5 percent transaction fee.

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