The Best Gel Manicure Products

The appeal of the gel manicure comes as no surprise: Who wouldn’t want their perfectly manicured digits to last upwards of 10 days? Here are some of the most popular semi-permanent gel manicure options, from DIY at-home kits to special types offered in salons (and where to go to get them).

A look from Dashing Diva DesignFX

OPI Axxium
With more than 40 colors to choose from, these soak-off gels are set with a UV lamp and tend to last a few days longer than normal gels due to their thick consistency.
Available at salons.

Red Carpet LED Gel Kit
Red Carpet has two at-home LED kits available: Pro and Portable, with 18 colors to choose and mix and match from.
$59.99, available at Ulta. 

Sephora By OPI Gelshine At-Home Colour System
This at-home kit comes with an LED lamp, everything you need to prep, apply, and remove the color, as well as one of 18 OPI Gelshine colors of your choice.
$159.99, available at Sephora.

Lomasi Mani Pedi Gel System
This dual mani-pedi gel system comes in an easy-to-use, at-home kit that comes with an instructional DVD and has 24 colors to choose from.
$84.99, available at Ricky’s NYC 

Dashing Diva DesignFX
One of the only gel manicures on the market that is removed with an oil, this manicure uses appliqués set with an LED lamp. You can choose from 78 unique designs, and soon the solid color range, ColorFX, will be available. The big pro here is the acetone-free removal, which minimizes damage to the nails.
Available at salons.

CND Shellac Manicure
This gel-nail polish hybrid has the wearability of a polish and the durability of a gel manicure. First, technicians apply a primer coat, place nails under a UV lamp to cure, then add the cured shellac, and finish with a top coat, which is also cured. The result: A super-shiny mani that lasts for weeks. Removal involves special nail wraps, which target the acetone to the nail, so no need to worry about harming your skin by soaking in a bowl of chemicals. This polish is currently available in 36 shades, with additional colors added seasonally.
Available at salons.

Have you tried a gel mani? What is your favorite product?

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