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The 4 Deadly Sins of Hair Extensions

by Lisa Fresa Palacios

In my experience of being one of the Valley’s top hair stylists and extension experts, there’s nothing more transformational when it comes to enhanced beauty and explosive confidence than hair extensions done right! But when done wrong, it can do the complete opposite. Here are the top 4 bad outcomes of extensions gone wrong.

The Birds’ Nest

This is when an over-anxious, under-experienced stylist installs too much hair in one area, causing the back of your head to extend out like an over teased birds’ nest. This may look good in some pictures but it can cause serous breakage and damage.

The Doll Head

Remember when you were a kid and you would cut your dolls hair and everyone knew it? This happens quite often when new hair and old hair are not blended property with the right cutting technique.

The Exposed Clip

I can remember watching Britney Spears and feeling so bad for her when you could see the extension clips in her hair. It was all everyone talked about.  If you are getting hair extensions, no one should be able to tell. Period. End of story.

The Zebra Effect

This is when a stylist uses hair that is off a shade or two and you get a striping affect. A very unnatural look that could be fixed with better preparation or proper coloring.

When hair extensions are done properly they should enhance your beauty and your confidence unlike anything you have ever done for yourself. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the smile on my clients faces when I fix a previous job gone wrong or install them correctly the first time. If you would like a free consultation or “Hair Audit” please call or text us directly at 480.231.5572 to schedule an appointment. You can see more of my work on Instagram. I’m looking forward to seeing you glow!

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