Sporty Chic Hairstyles for the Football Fan

by DryBar

Football is in full swing, and fans everywhere are excited to see where this season is headed. Trying for a sporty look to match the mood of game day can be a daunting task. Finding the perfect balance between functional and stylish is even more of a challenge. Whether you’re watching the game from the big screen or sitting in the stands, a cute hairstyle can help keep the hair out of your eyes so you can ensure your entire focus is on the game. Popular among football fans for their efficiency and versatility, here are three game day hair trends you can try out on a Sunday.

High textured ponytail

Any kind of updo is ideal for warm weather and hot stadium seating. A high, textured ponytail is great for game day because it keeps flyaways at bay and keeps you feeling cooler.

How to style: With a ½ inch curling wand, style your hair into loose waves. To add texture and redefine your look, apply dry shampoo, and tousle your hair with your hands before tying up your ponytail. Pull out a tiny strand of hair and wrap the strand around the base of the ponytail to hide the band. Tuck the end of the strand back under the band, and voila! You’ve got yourself a fashion-forward look.

Simple french braid

This classic, yet sporty look pairs wonderfully well with a baseball cap and a sports jersey. When worn with an open back shirt, this braid is sure to make it into the highlights reel! Whether you have short or long hair, the French braid pulls hair away from the face and gives your scalp room to breathe.

How to style: Begin by parting your hair down the middle. Start with a small section of the hair from the top of your head. Divide this section into three strands like you would to create a classic braid. Begin by braiding as you would a traditional braid, and slowly add in small strands of hair every time you cross a section over. Continue this method until the braid is complete.

Messy, textured fishtail updo

A unique twist on two traditional hairstyles, the braid and the ponytail, the fishtail half-up/half-down look is unique and eye-catching. Pair this layered braid with an off-the-shoulder top to accentuate your look.

How to style: Start by separating a small top layer of your hair and braiding this section into a traditional braid. Using the remaining hair, braid a second messy fishtail over the small traditional braid, so the two portions are layered. Section one portion of this second braid off using a hair tie to create an elongated braid look. Braid the rest of the second braid, and tie the end with another hairband to complete the look.

Now you have three easy to style and distinctly casual looks to try out on three separate sporting occasions. Enjoy the game and the admiring glances, ‘cause you look Game Day GREAT!

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