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Splashlights: The New Ombré Hair-Color Trend

Move over ombré, a new hair trend is about to make a splash.

After famed hair colorist Aura Friedman posted a picture of herself with a laser beam-like band of bleached hair from ear to ear on her Tumblr account, the style world has had its eyes peeled.

Called splashlights, the look is achieved by painting bleach onto a small horizontal section of hair, usually at the center of one’s hair length. The hair above and below the stripe is then colored a complementary hue to the bleached stripe and your natural color.



The result is a contrast that’s futuristic and edgy.

The other day, Friedman Tumbled more pictures of another client undergoing the splashlight treatment and of herself dying extensions in a stripe-like pattern.



Will splashlights be the next hot trend women will request in salons across the country?

If Friedman’s track record is any indication for triggering trends, like ombré and pastel streaks, then yes.

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