Panasonic’s Robot Washes Your Hair

Tech powered and inspired beauty enhancers are nothing new, but would you have a machine give you an automatic shampoo and scalp massage?

International electronic manufacturer Panasonic thinks so. Recently, the company created an updated version of their hair-washing robot that “possesses ‘24-fingers’ that work to complete the experience—shampooing, rinsing, conditioning, and drying.” Plus, it boasts a spot-massage feature to target areas on the scalp that may need special attention.

The first device, introduced in 2010, featured a “16-fingered,” hair-washing robot designed to aid those living in nursing homes and hospitals.

The robot scans each human head three-dimensionally to apply just the right amount of pressure during the shampoo, massage, and rinse phases. It even recognizes repeat customers, applying that person’s preferred massage course using its human-like “fingers.” Each arm contains a trio of motors to power swing, press, and massage motions

Devices such as Clarisonic for the face or Sonicare for teeth are basically the same thing, but I can’t help but be a little bit creeped out by this hulky machine.

How do you feel about a hair-washing robot? Or do you prefer to leave your grooming in the hands of an actual human being?

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