Mobile Hair Braiding Company braidbabes Expands to Scottsdale

braidbabes, North America’s first mobile hair braiding company, has officially launched in Scottsdale. Perfect for your wedding, bachelorette party, kid’s birthday or next night out,  braidbabes comes to you to give you the look you want for your special occasion.

“We’ve noticed that the Scottsdale and Phoenix markets have continued to experience exponential growth. Knowing how much of a bachelorette and event destination Scottsdale is, my cofounder Tori and I wanted to bring braidbabes here,” says Founder and CEO of braidbabes, Emmily Bowman, in a statement. “When I came to Scottsdale to help with the launch, I immediately fell in love with the city and now am proud to call Scottsdale home. I am beyond excited to be growing braidbabes in a market that supports a multitude of brands with so much room for growth in the future.”

Founded in 2019 by Bowman, braidbabes is on a mission to make women feel confident, acknowledged and empowered through braids. If you’re looking to achieve the perfect braid or the Pinterest hair of your dreams, you can book an appointment or party through the braidbabes website and a braider will come to the address you entered, whether it’s your home, office, Airbnb or local coffee shop. 

Customers have the option to choose from the braid menu or use an inspo picture of their own for the braider to recreate. Additional services include shimmers, which is hair tinsel that can last up to a few months, and feed-in braids that feature added color and length. braidbabes also makes each experience fun and personalized to create the perfect-self care day with music of your favorite artist, fun hair accessories, like butterfly clips, and lots of compliments. 

Appointments start at $75 and travel is included for customers within the first 20 miles of Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. As for babes that live outside this radius, the braidbabes team will still come to you with an additional charge at $2 per mile. Beyond mobile braiding, braidbabes offers braidbabes university, an online learning community that teaches you how to achieve the perfect braid.

In honor of their Scottsdale debut, braidbabes is offering $100 off their bootcamp for the month of March. braidbabes also offers party pricing for small and large groups, monthly braidbabes memberships, as well as braidbars for business marketing and corporate events.

To learn more about braidsbabes or schedule an appointment, visit

Photos courtesy braidbabes

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