Achieve Therapeutic Results at Tod Miller’s Spa & Wellness Scottsdale

In the city of spas that is Scottsdale, Tod Miller’s Spa & Wellness at Sonder The Monarch in Old Town Scottsdale and Sonder The Mariposa in South Scottsdale provides more than just a nice robe. 

A true wellness destination, Tod Miller’s Spa & Wellness offers world-class treatments ranging from structural therapeutic sessions, therapeutic massages, BodyWalking, healthy skincare facials, yoga and more that can help you obtain freedom in your body.

Yoga at Tod Miller’s Spa & Wellness at Sonder The Monarch

Spa guests can choose from highly therapeutic, results-oriented work that’s delivered within real candle-lit treatment suites or opt for energizing, community-oriented offerings, like Mimosa Yoga or the Sweet Abs Hula Hoop classes, alongside the lively Monarch Beach Club sunshine pool experience.

As a multi-time IronMan finisher, international health educator, licensed massage therapist and owner of Tod Miller’s Spa & Wellness in Scottsdale, Tod Miller is committed to offering a higher quality therapeutic experience that is unique to every client from around the globe and in the Scottsdale neighborhood. Whether you are a corporate athlete, a professional athlete or a leisure traveler visiting the Scottsdale area, Tod Miller’s Wellness & Spa makes holistic wellness easy.  

Sonder The Monarch

Therapeutic services at Tod Miller’s Spa & Wellness include an innovative form of massage called BodyWalking. As seen on “Shark Tank,” BodyWalking is a proprietary, deep-tissue massage technique that Miller developed that uses Ischemic Compression Technology to increase the release of blood to soft tissue and muscles so that your body can experience ultimate ease of movement and superior athletic performance.

Other spa treatment highlights include structural work to relieve points of tension, relaxing couple’s massages and the Desert Salt Glow Body Polish, which achieves therapeutic skincare and bodywork in one effective treatment to exfoliate and hydrate the skin.

The wellness destination’s spa weekend dials the body into health and fitness with experiences such as crystal sound bowl healing, Ayurvedic Abhyanga and Shirodhara massage, plus therapeutic BodyWork, skincare and whole-body coaching. Outcall therapeutic services are also available to VIP neighbors. 

Tod Miller’s Spa & Wellness incorporates only natural ingredients into its spa services to enhance your skin and body therapy with the healing properties of essential oils and minerals, such as turquoise sage mountain arnica, frankincense and citrus, Basso Botanicals CBD, ultra-rich Jojoba oil, hot stones and more. 

Live free and reserve your wellness experience at Tod Miller’s Spa & Wellness online here. To learn more and view the full spa and wellness menu, visit

Photos courtesy Tod Miller’s Spa & Wellness

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