Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

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Whether your first Christmas as a pair or your 10th, your Christmas gift for your significant other is always a big deal.  If you’re running out of ideas and scrambling to find that perfect Christmas present, you’ve come to the right place. Inspired by Pinterest, featured below are five fun ideas for Christmas presents for your boyfriend this holiday season.  These presents are easy to throw together, yet are still thoughtful and show how much you care.

Movie Date Night

Make a cute movie date night package.  You might even consider throwing in the first movie you both saw together and his favorite candies!

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Date Idea Jar

Fill a jar with coupons of redeemable coupons.  Whether the coupon is redeemable for bacon in bed or a movie and dinner night to the movie and restaurant of his choice, he will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift. Don’t forget to say each coupon is your treat!

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A Beer Cake

Buy several boxes of his favorite beer and stack them on top of each other in this fun creative way.  Not only do you win extra approval points for stocking his fridge with his favorite cold beverages, but you also prove you can think of a fun and unique gift not all girlfriends would!

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52 Things

For the more romantic couples out there, you might consider the good ol’ 52 things I Love About You on a deck of cards. Whether you choose to do this on Valentines Day or on Christmas, this is definitely a must at some point in your relationship!

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Fun Gag Gift

If all else fails, you can always go with the safe and easy gag gift!  This sweatshirt is the perfect gag gift and definitely the preferred beer belly. A funny gift can show how easy it is to laugh together. This fun beer sweatshirt was found on


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