Five Beauty Secrets of The Week

Beauty is pain.  No matter the girl, it requires effort to keep up with her appearance.  From highlights, to nail appointments to extensions, surviving in the girl world can be tedious and sometimes costly.  However, behind every beauty routine is a beauty secret that makes your daily routine easier or more affordable.  In the past, Valley Girl has explored the beauty world to provide you with 5 new beauty secrets each week.  Featured below are five beauty secrets for this week.

This Week’s Five:

1.  Baby Powder to the Rescue

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Keeping up with highlights can be time consuming and costly.  For all the blondes out there, you may or may not know the baby powder/dry shampoo trick.  Many blondes around the world depend on baby powder and dry shampoo.  If you dab some baby powder or spray some dry shampoo on your roots, the white powder and spray will make your dark roots less visible, allowing for prolonged time between each highlight job.

2.  White Eyeliner?  Yes, please! be04d8e60b9311958eb31c59839ce27d

A popular trick with supermodels is white eyeliner.  On days where you are tired and want to look more alert, apply white eyeliner on the inside corners along the bottom lash line.  This will give you a wide-awake look in no time!

3. Cranberry Juice?


Another surprising beauty trick can be found in cranberry juice! For a beautiful shine, rinse cranberry juice through your hair.  Your color will look rich and luscious.

4.  Peppermint for Pretty Lips  82bd90ffc0e9e0_full

Who doesn’t want the perfect pouty lips? If you’re looking for plump lips and don’t want to get collagen injections, try dabbing your lips with peppermint extract!  This natural plumper will give you the perfect movie star pout you’ve always wanted.  You can buy Pure Peppermint extract at any local drugstore.

5.  Baking Soda for White Teeth diy-teeth-whitener-with-strawberries Everyone wants that million dollar smile.  To achieve this, you don’t need to get your teeth whitened or buy whitening strips! Instead, try mixing smashed up strawberries with baking soda.  Brush your teeth with this a couple times a week, and your smile will become noticeably whiter!

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