Back to School: Dorm Room Essentials

It’s that time of year again…fresh-faced high school grads are gearing up for their first semesters as college students. If not commuting from home, most college students are acquainted with a dorm for at least their first year of school. The dorms can ease the transition to the independent life and jump-start a new social life, so it’s important that the essentials are taken care of.


The Container Store understands the excitement, anticipation and eagerness of an incoming college student.

Make the transition easy, organized and uniquely individual with the Container Store’s Dorm Room Basic Six:

1. Closet

On average, roommates will share a closet that is 3-5 feet wide with only one closet rod! Think vertically to maximize closet space. The Dublet Adjustable Closet Rod Expander creates extra room to an already-existing closet rod.

2. Walls and Doors

Look to your walls and doors to store more than just posters. Add character with a message board like this wipe-off and magnetic Bamboo Veneer Combo Board. To avoid being charged for damage to the walls, use 3M Command™ Adhesive Hooks to hang everything from a grid system to bulletin board. They can be easily and cleanly removed when it’s time to move and they’re reusable!

3. Desk

The desk area has to be well-organized so that there’s plenty of room to spread out and study. Try this trendy Galvanized Cube Desk with White Top that features ample storage space for office supplies with a desktop that’s ideal for a laptop or PC, as well as accessories.

4. Laundry

Choose a laundry solution that is portable and comfortable to carry and avoid any dread of hauling laundry through dorm halls and up and down stairs. The Gingham Rhombus Hamper is both fun and functional, holding up to two loads of laundry each.

5. Bath

Don’t limit your creative edge to your room; have fun with bathroom accessories, too! This Grassy Toothbrush Organizer can go from bathroom to desktop, holding a toothbrush and toothpaste to pens and pencils.

6. Storage

Wherever you can find a bit of open space, use it and use it creatively! Especially with these colorful Authentic Dairy Crates that are sure to match any color scheme.

Also shop by dorm feature, view the online Container Store dorm catalog or  download a handy college necessity checklist here!

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