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Five Spring Cleaning Steps to Spring Forward With Your Life


Spring is here!  This year, instead of simply spring cleaning the house, take the definition of spring cleaning to a whole new level.  Spring is the perfect fresh start for not only cleaning out the closet, but also a perfect fresh start to your outlook on life.  Take advantage of the inspiring weather and revisit your new year’s resolutions or make new lifestyle changes that will better you as whole.

Featured below are five steps to spring clean your life.  Clean out your life and make your life happier and healthier with these easy steps!

1. Spring clean your makeup


Changing your makeup can be scary.  You’re so used to that bronzer that’s never done you wrong and your favorite eye shadow.  However, sometimes change can be good!  This spring, try breaking out of your standard makeup routine and explore something new.  Spring is the perfect excuse to dabble with bold lips and fresh colors!

2. Spring clean your computer


Clean out old emails and documents you no longer need. While you’re at it, clean out your desktop!  This simple step of making your computer less busy will make your life a little less stressful and a little more orderly.

3.  Spring clean your schedule


It’s time to take an honest evaluation of your life and eliminate unnecessary and stressful events from your schedule.  Life is short, and you should only spend time doing things that you enjoy and that benefit you and others.  Spend time relaxing, painting or reading a book.  You deserve it!

4.  Spring clean your kitchen


Spring is the perfect time to purge your kitchen. Remove unwanted items from your fridge and pantry. If you’re looking to switch over to a healthier lifestyle, this is also the perfect chance to replace items in your fridge with organic and healthy items.  If you don’t have the ice cream in the fridge, you won’t be tempted to eat it!

5.  Spring clean your friends


It’s often said you become the people you associate yourself with.  Instead of continuing to hang out with your extremely negative friend, the friend who insults all your ideas or the friend who always comes with drama, try to spend more time with friends that have a positive energy.  You’ll be surprised how much better you feel all around once you are surrounded by people as equally positive as you.

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