Where to See Spring Wildflowers in Arizona

Lupines, poppies and saguaros near Horseshoe Reservoir in Tonto National Forest
Spring wildflowers in Tonto National Forest

Wildflowers are blooming in full effect across the country, marking spring’s long-awaited arrival. You don’t need to travel far to catch this seasonal spectacle. Each spring, Arizona is home to a vibrant scene of wildflowers that paint the desert with hues of red, orange, purple, yellow and more. 

In addition to the poppies, perennials and other desert wildflowers that set the stage in Arizona, cactus blossoms create a beautiful canvas of colors across the desert that extends further into the season. While wildflower blooms usually peak in March, cactus blooms can be seen from April into May. 

For those interested in witnessing the wildflowers and blossoms before they’re gone, here are some of the best places and hikes to spot spring blooms in Arizona for the 2024 season. 

Bartlett Lake

The bright orange hues of poppies and cheerful colors of other spring wildflowers, including lupines, brittlebush, fairy dusters, blue phacelia, evening primrose, yellow throat gilia and cream cup, can be spotted at Bartlett Lake in Tonto National Forest this spring. Many flowers appear on the hills and water banks around the water, making the road to Rattlesnake Cove and the Palo Verde Trail great places to admire the diverse wildflowers. Visitors should also keep their eyes peeled for rare white poppies along the way. Learn more at fs.usda.gov/tonto

Black Canyon National Recreation Trail

Located along the boundary of the Prescott National Forest, the Black Canyon National Recreation Trail provides hikers with plenty of miles of open desert to witness Arizona’s wildflowers. From blooming cacti flowers to an abundance of brittlebush, this trail promises many spring wildflowers for visitors. Learn more at blm.gov/programs/recreation/mountainbike/blackcanyon

Catalina State Park

Catalina State Park will welcome an array of spring blooms, including poppies, cream cups, lupines, penstemon and desert chicory. The Sutherland Trail within the park offers a great glimpse of the flower’s vibrant colors, which hikers can enjoy for about two miles along the trail. The Nature Trail is a quicker hike that also offers a good chance of seeing wildflowers. Learn more at azstateparks.com/catalina

Cave Creek Regional Park

Cave Creek Regional Park offers multiple trails, including Go John Trail and Overton Trail Loop, that provide great opportunities for wildflower spotting. Hikers can spot towering saguaros, yellow brittlebush, purple lupines, the violet petals of Wild Heliotrope and more. Learn more at maricopacountyparks.net/park-locator/cave-creek-regional-park

Desert Botanical Garden

Perfect for the whole family, Desert Botanical Garden’s Harriet K. Maxwell Desert Wildflower Loop Trail is a fun learning experience and the ideal destination for admiring the wildflowers native to Arizona. By visiting the trail during spring, guests will have the chance to witness the plants in full bloom, as well as the many pollinators that the flowers attract, including bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Learn more at dbg.org

Wildflower blooms at Desert Botanical Garden. Photo: Desert Botanical Garden

Lake Pleasant Regional Park

The familiar yellow of Brittlebush flowers will pop up along the hills of Lake Pleasant Regional Park this spring, while poppies, blue dicks, blue phacelia and globemallows can also be seen on Pipeline Canyon Trail, the Beardsley trail, Wild Burro trail and Cottonwood trail. Learn more at maricopacountyparks.net/park-locator/lake-pleasant-regional-park

Lost Dutchman State Park

The mountain slopes surrounding Lost Dutchman State Park provide the perfect backdrop for hiking and wildflower viewing in Arizona. This spring, visitors can keep their eyes out for the red tubular petals of chuparosas, as well as yellow and orange patches of brittlebush and globemallow. Siphon Draw Trail, Jacob’s Crosscut and Treasure Loop offer great views of the park’s wildflowers. Learn more at azstateparks.com/lost-dutchman

McDowell Mountain Regional Park

McDowell Mountain Regional Park’s Scenic Trail is a relatively easy trail near Phoenix that comes alive with spring blooms during the warmer months. In addition to an array of wildflowers, hikers can see the white flowers and bright red fruit of native saguaros lining the trail. Learn more at maricopacountyparks.net/mcdowell-mountain-regional-park

Picacho Peak State Park

This spring, poppies, along with lupines, perennials and globemallows flaunting lilac flowers will bloom in scattered areas throughout Picacho State Park in Pinal County, Arizona. Visitors can admire the vast array of wildflower colors from multiple spots and trails within the park, including the park roadway and picnic tables, as well as on the Nature Trail, Children’s Cave Trail and Calloway Trail. Learn more at azstateparks.com/picacho

South Mountain Park and Preserve

South Mountain Park and Preserve is another popular destination for wildflower viewing. Walk its many trails, including Kiwanis Trail, to see poppies, brittlebush, yellow creosote bush blooms and more. Learn more at phoenix.gov/parks/trails/locations/south-mountain

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