What Your Coffee Order Says About You

There’s a reason why you always get a non-fat latte or black coffee, at least according to authors James Moore and Judi James. Writers of the book, “The You Code: What Your Habits Say About You,” Moore and James argue that personal coffee choice isn’t just about taste preferences, but can say a lot about a drinker’s psyche.

“With their foam, cream and sprinkle-topped options these drinks have been created to appeal on a much deeper psychological level relating to self-esteem, stress levels and search for the comforts of childhood,” the book reads.

Here are some different types of coffee and what personality types supposedly go along with them:


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  • Espresso: You’re all about instant gratification – “the most grown-up of all coffee options” – with a mark of cynicism and sarcasm. Disdains healthy lifestyles, is moody, and sets high standards, aiming for the leadership position with little time for gossip.
  • Black coffee: No-frills, minimalist, cool adult, prefers one-on-one contact, competitive, quiet and moody, although capable of occasional bouts of extroversion.
  • Latte: Watering down danger with milk and foam, you prefer the safe route and want to be liked by all. Conceivably stubborn inside, latte-drinkers avoid direct confrontation and delegate the dirty work. Loyal to family, enjoys comfortable surroundings and gabbing with trusted friends.
  • Cappuccino: Optimistic extrovert who appreciates style and nice stuff, although not unduly acquisitive. Prefers to start things rather than see them through with all that dull detail work.
  • Instant coffee: No frills, straightforward, cheery but in no hurry to get things done, which might come across as shallow. Highs and lows come easily; not so adventurous in career or sex, but ponders both.
  • Decaf soymilk: More of an eco-worrier rather than an eco-warrior. If you’re all soy and not allergic to cow’s milk, the choice may indicate a faux fussiness with a touch of sincere narcissism.
  • Starbucks Frappuccino: With all the foam and froth, you’re a trend-chaser more than a trendsetter. However, you’re characterized as a flighty poseur with no sense of irony.
  • Non-coffee drinker: If you’re not a coffee drinker, it’s a no-go for these authors. A life without caffeine makes you frightened of life and a child.

Which type of coffee drinker are you?

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