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Websites Every Parent Should Know

Tech-challenged parents who call their kids with endless questions about how to find things on the Internet or perform simple online tasks…sound familiar?

To help best navigate the infinite web, we’ve compiled a list of the latest and easiest sites to make parents’ lives easier. From computer basics to DIY home projects, cooking tips to the easiest way to buy gifts online, these websites will give parents a hands-on, hassle-free way to learn and do.

TeachParentsTech.org – Tired of playing IT-guy for your folks? Kids can fill out a form and parents will receive links to 50 instructional videos that teach them everything from how to adjust the computer’s clock or change a screensaver to more challenging web-related tasks such as starting a blog, creating an online calendar or sharing photos online.


AOL’s DIYLife.com This handy site highlights the best in do-it-yourself projects, providing parents tips and information on hobbies and crafts, home improvement, and more.


MyRegistry.com – Shopping simplified! With a free MyRegistry.com account, parents create and purchase securely from one running wish list of any item they want, from any online or brick and mortar retailer. Alternatively, kids can create and share with their folks a personal running wish of things they want, so parents know exactly what’s in store for Christmas, birthdays, etc.


Food Network’s Quick and Easy Recipes – Food Network’s Quick and Easy Recipes offers easy recipes for quick meals and is perfect for parents who no longer need to prepare big meals.


AddictingGames.com – Call to all parents to AddictingGames.com. Here, they can spend their free time playing online chess, tetris and solitaire for hours – saving kids from the never-ending phone conversations, like about how to find that thing on the Internet or perform some simple online task (refer back to TeachParentsTech.org).

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