U.S. City Street Art Study Reveals the Most “Instagrammable” Destinations

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The world’s interest in street art has skyrocketed in recent years, as travelers take to Pinterest and Instagram to debate which city has the most unique art lining its streets. With many cities encouraging art tourism experiences, searches for ‘street art family tours’ have increased by 350% in the past year.

Interested in discovering which city has the most to offer for sightseers, money.co.uk analyzed over three million Instagram posts and their hashtags to rank the travel destinations with the most loved street art.

Top 20 cities with the most Instagrammable street art:
 CountryCity#’city’+’street art’
1United KingdomLondon515,883
5United StatesLos Angeles211,824
6United StatesChicago157,629
10United StatesNew York77,493
11United KingdomBristol76,278
12United StatesDenver70,700
15United StatesMiami57,407
16SpainMadrid 57,198
17United KingdomBrighton & Hove43,845
20United StatesSan Francisco33,566

Widely renowned as one of the best destinations for street art, money.co.uk can reveal that London, United Kingdom, ranks as the world’s most Instagrammed street art city. Raking in an impressive 515,883 Instagram posts under #londonstreetart, it’s no surprise that the likes of Banksy and Stik have drawn in an international crowd to the capital.

Despite their strict vandalism laws, Paris is the second most Instagrammable street art city for travellers. With 468,327 posts praising the urban murals and graffiti, the city even has a dedicated open-air museum in the 13th district – Galerie Itinerrance.

The third best city for street art is Melbourne, Australia (325,039 hashtags). Cited by TimeOut as ‘one of the world’s largest (and ever changing) collections of street art’, the likes of Hosier Lane and the Keith Haring mural set the city apart from others in Australia.

Following in fourth and fifth are the stunning cities of Berlin (231,052 hashtags) and Los Angeles (211,824 hashtags).

Intrigued by the results, money.co.uk decided to delve deeper and uncover which United States capital city has the most Instagrammable street art.

Top 10 US cities with the most instagrammable street art:
 States of USACapital City#’city’+’street art’

 The United States capital city with the most Instagrammable street art is Topeka in Kansas, with 172,932 hashtags. In second place with 70,700 hashtags is Denver, Colorado. In third is Austin with 29,377 hashtags.

James Andrews, senior personal finance expert from money.co.uk comments on how street art can add more than just culture to your home:

In recent years, street art’s popularity has risen dramatically due to prominent artists such as Banksy and Stik. But research has also shown that living in an area with beautiful murals and street art can add thousands to the value of your home.

If you’re lucky enough to have a mural or famous piece of street art on the side of your home, you may need to find out if it’s of value and if it needs insuring. Street art and murals are unlikely to be covered by a standard home insurance policy, so you may need to take out a special policy to cover your unique artwork.

– James Andrews, senior personal finance expert from money.co.uk
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