Save the David and Gladys Wright House

The Phoenix Arcadia home of the late David and Gladys Wright hangs on a lifeline of enhanced support from The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy.

The home’s owner, Nevada-based 8081 Meridian LLC, has agreed to still consider potential buyers, even though the previously agreed upon 60-day period to find a buyer, before it would follow through with development plans, passed August 21.

Further, the company stated that the “creativity is in the design,” and the design and paper drawings will remain even if “the building doesn’t last,” according to a press release.

Now, the Conservancy is reaching out to the public on an international level to sign an online petition to approve historic preservation designation for the house, temporarily protecting it from demolition.

Built from 1950-52, Wright designed the home, near 56th Street and Camelback Road in east Phoenix, for his son, David. The home is the only residence by the world-famous architect that is based on the circular spiral plan of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Architectural historians and critics alike consider it to be among the 20 most significant Wright buildings, with its spatial design, the processional patio movement along the spiral ramp, the custom-designed concrete-block detailing, and the total interior design, which all lends a unique expression of the desert environment.

Save this beautiful home and work of art, and sign the petition here.

Here are some of the different strategies the Conservancy is undertaking, and how you can additionally help:

  1. Search for a new buyer or buyers to purchase the property intact from the developers. Asking price is approximately $2.7 million.
    What you can do: Let people know who may have an interest and be in a position to buy the house or be part of a consortium to own it transitionally or long-term.
  2. Though a lot split is not the best solution, some split plans would be much better and respectful than others for the house and the site.
  3. Historic Preservation/Landmark Designation – work for approval by the city. The first commission hearing on the matter will be September 17 at 4:30 pm: Historic Preservation Commission Hearing City Hall, 1st Floor Assembly Room, 200 W, Washington St. Phoenix and Arizona residents are encouraged to attend .
    What you can do: Write in support of Historic Preservation and Landmark designation for the David Wright House given its special significance.
  4. Keep the story in the media.
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