Nail Art for Your Dog

This is real and all very serious.

Nail trends for humans are almost synonymously popular with sartorial wear for pups. Now, a company from New York is catering to your pooch’s deepest desire to have his/her little digits match your polished ones, or complement that flower-patterned doggy leotard you just bought.

Warren London’s Pawdicure Polish Pens come in seven different colors, including pink, red, blue, white, purple, yellow and black. Folks are going as far as creating multi-colored designs on their pups’ digits.

With safety in mind, the pens are non-toxic and only one coat of the quick-drying canine lacquer will do.

I still haven’t decided my stance on this.

How do you feel about pup pedicures? Would you ever give your pup a “pawdicure”?

Check out the video below for more info:

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