How to be Prepared for a Heat Wave

An elderly man was found dead in his Las Vegas home without air conditioning over the weekend. The cause: heat stroke from temperatures that reached 115. As we all know from watching our thermometers in horror, temps in the Valley tipped 119 this past weekend.

According to the National Weather Service, exceedingly high temperatures like these can cause heat-related illness, including death – even among healthy individuals. For today, the NWS announced an urgent excessive heat warning of afternoon highs between 110 and 115 for the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Here are some important things to keep in mind while the temps keep getting hot, hot and hotter. The main thing to remember: Water is your best friend.

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1. Drink more water. Try starting with a full glass immediately upon waking so that you’re ready and hydrated.

2. Assuming most of us will seek haven in a place with air conditioning, still be sure to frequently sip on some water, even though you might be cool.

3. And that goes for bringing water with you everywhere – inside the house, the car, to work, while running errands.

4. If you’re getting sick of the water and want something sweet, dilute some juice with water to get some extra H2O.

5. Add fresh fruit to your water for a refreshing taste. Try sliced cucumber, lemon, lime or watermelon.

6. Just to be double sure, track your water intake with Waterlogged, an app that encourages water consumption with a calendar and daily reminders.

Sources: Huffington Post, National Weather Service

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