Five Things Every Birthday Girl Is Allowed to Do


It’s your birthday, a day dedicated exclusively to celebrate your existence.  On this day, you are allowed, even obligated, to treat yourself to certain things you normally wouldn’t on a typical day.

Featured below are five things every birthday girl is allowed and encouraged to do on her special day.

1.  Relax


Odds are, you most likely do not take time to relax as often as you should.  Sleep till noon on your birthday or take time to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix! This is the one day a year where you’re required to spend time relaxing!

2.  Spoil Yourself


There’s no one better to spoil yourself than yourself. Because, who knows you better than yourself?  On this birthday, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure or that pretty necklace you’ve always wanted.  No need to wait for everyone else to spoil you when you can do the job better!

3.  Put Off Work


Nobody should work on their birthday.  If you’re lucky enough to have the day off from work on your special day, turn off your email notifications and don’t check them until the next day.  Your work email will only stress you out, and no one should be stressed on their birthday!

4.  Eat Everything


That extra piece of cake? Yes please.  Calories don’t count on your birthday.  So, go crazy, and order the spaghetti and meatballs at your birthday dinner with the extra fruity and sugary cosmopolitan!

5.  Be a Diva


Your birthday is the day where you’re allowed to bring out your princess tiara and your birthday sash!  It’s the one day where nobody is allowed to tease you for asking for the extra solo picture for Instagram.  Put on your tallest red high heels and the sparkliest of dresses, because today is your day to shine!

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