5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Boyfriend

The epic day of Christmas gift-giving is just around the corner.  For most girls, the hardest person to shop for is your significant other.  You want their present to be just the right amount of thoughtful.  If you’re still searching for the perfect gift, don’t panic!   Avoid the chaos of the mall, and try some of the following five totally awesome Christmas presents you can purchase or make straight from your home.

Here are five perfect last minute gifts for those still stuck on what to get your man:

1.  Skydiving Trip


What better gift than the ultimate gift of adventure?  Make a reservation for you and your boyfriend to go skydiving.  Not only is this a thrilling activity, but something he would probably not splurge and purchase for himself on his own.

For information on how to reserve a skydiving trip in Arizona, visit Skydive Arizona’s website by clicking HERE.

2.  Bacon, Cheese, or Whiskey of the Month Club


What man doesn’t like bacon, cheese or whiskey? And if your special someone doesn’t like bacon, cheese OR whiskey, you might want to reconsider your choice in men.  Give your loved one the gift of deliciousness that keeps giving.  A variety of clubs will send monthly shipments of treats right to your man’s door.

For a Bacon of The Month Club subscription, click HERE.
For a Cheese of the Month Club subscription, click HERE.
For Whiskey of the Month Club subscrition, click HERE.

3. An Acre of The Moon


Did you know you can actually buy an acre of the moon?  This present may not be much to open, but not many guys can say their girlfriend bought them an acre of the moon for Christmas.

For information on where to purchase your acre, click HERE.

4.  Concert Tickets


It’s always fun to send your special someone to a concert they have been wanting to see.  Get your boyfriend tickets to his favorite band, and you will show him just how fun and thoughtful you are.

For information on all the upcoming concerts coming to the Valley, click HERE

5.  Handmade Coupon Book


Who wouldn’t want a gift certificate for a massage, breakfast in bed or an entire evening pre-paid and planned?  Make a coupon book that is redeemable for a selection of activities your boyfriend will enjoy. Whether you go to the extremes of coupons redeemable for romantic weekend getaways or a coupon to do his laundry, your man will have fun cashing in each coupon.

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