Best Celeb Bodies of the Summer

Nothing inspires me to get in shape more than admiring some incredible celeb bods. Take a look at some of the lean cuisines that were voted the “2010 Best Summer Bodies” by Women’s Health… Plus find out their secrets on how they’ve won the most chiseled and head turning figures of the season.

Gwen Stefani is pushing 41-years of age. But health-wise, she looks like at 20-some-year-old athlete. She gets her bod mainly from working out with Trainer Mike Heatlie, who pushes her with cardio interval training and resistance exercises. But she insists that her best workouts happen onstage, according to Women’s Health.

You would never be able to tell Gisele Bundchen, 29, just gave birth. How does she do it? “She did kung-fu until two weeks before giving birth, as well as yoga three times a week,” according to Women’s Health.
Brooklyn Decker wowed readers when she became the newest Sports Illustrated cover girl. “She stays bikini-ready with well-rounded hour-long workout sessions five days a week. The killer combo includes cardio (running, Spinning classes, or the elliptical machine), abs moves, and weight training,” according to Women’s Health.

AnnaLyne McCord from the all-new “90210” series is definitely lean and toned. A gym membership is not her trick. McCord trains in the outdoors with beach tennis, runs on the beach, three-hour hikes with her best friend, Mieko, and belly dances for that washboard stomach, according to Women’s Health.

Hayden Panettiere of “Heroes” stays fit and toned with bicycle sit-ups and free diving in the ocean without a tank, according to Women’s Health.

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