Five Little Tricks to Losing Weight Part Two


Losing weight is often challenging.  However, with a few little tricks losing weight it can be less difficult to obtain.  Anyone can diet and exercise, but there are certain times of the day and certain things you can do that will make it easier.  Last week, Valley Girl brought you five little tricks for losing weight.  This week, we’re bringing you five additional secrets you need to know to make your goal weight more easily obtainable.

Featured below are five weight loss secrets you might not know about.

1. Working Out In The Morning


According to a recent study from Northwestern Medicine, people who get the majority of their daily sun intake in the morning have a significantly lower BMI than those who got their sun exposure later in the day.   This connection can be used as motivation to get your daily dose of workout done outdoors in the morning.  With an extra 20 to 30 minute light jog outdoors in the mornings, your body mass index will become less and less.

2. Less Can Be More


Sometimes a longer and less strenuous workout can show better results.  With longer and less intense workouts, one will be able to workout more frequently during the week.  Additionally, longer and less intense workouts can prevent injuries.

3. Strength Exercises Without Weights


Taking time out of the day to workout and head to the gym can seem so tedious and time consuming, often causing people to avoid working out entirely.  You don’t need to go to the gym or own weights in order to improve your strength.  There are several ways to exercise and improve your strength without weights.  Squats, lunges and ab exercises are only a few of the many ways to improve your strength.  For six amazing strength exercises without weights, click here.

4. Mindset is Key


If you set your self up for failure, you will fail.  If you feed your mind nothing but positive energy and motivation, you will find your goals more realistic and obtainable.

5. Know Your Body Type


One of the most beautiful things about the world is that people come in all different shapes and sizes.  With different bone structures and body frames, it is unrealistic to set goals of being the perfect “Barbie doll” figure.  Featured above is the “Barbie” people strive to look like next to the realistically proportioned size of a healthy normal woman. Rather than shooting for that size zero, try to be the healthiest your body can be!

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