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Ways to Get a Flat Stomach Before Summer

Let’s face it, us women store most of our unwanted fat in our hips, stomach and thighs. I, personally, can make peace with a bit of fat in my thighs and hips, but fat in my stomach… no way! Even men, who tend to love a woman’s curves, do not admire a woman with a curvy belly. So how do we get rid of this unsightly flab before it hangs over our bikini bottom this summer?

Before I get into ways to burn stomach fat, let’s clear up some common misconceptions… First, you can’t lose fat in just one part of your body, like your belly. And second, you can’t crunch your way to a flat stomach without cardio exercises and a well-balanced diet.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s start with what you CAN do to get that rockin’ six-pack…

Cardio Exercises

You can very-well have a strong stomach and even a six-pack if you do 100 crunches a day. But in order to see those ab muscles, you need to burn off that layer of fat that’s hiding them. Cardio burns calories and fat all over your body, while also improving your general fitness. Cardio exercises are consistent movements that get your heart pumping. In order to burn belly fat, I would consider taking on a daily activity that makes you sweat, like running, biking or tennis.

Drink Water

Your body needs plenty of fluids in order to burn fat successfully and remove toxins. And now that you are adding cardio exercises to your daily regimen, you will need even more water. Drink 8 to 10 glasses a day and avoid sugary fruit juices, chocolate drinks and soft drinks.

Eat Fat Burning Foods

There are some foods that actually help burn body fat! Try these:

  • Eat “good fats.” I know, it seems like an oxymoron to eat fat to lose fat. But good fats — foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, like olive oil, avocados, hummus and nuts — actually control hunger and help burn fat.
  • Also, foods rich with protein, like eggs, fish and lean meats, help decrease fat and build muscle. Other great foods include: complex carbs like vegetables, whole grains and a variety of natural fruits.
  • Also, green tea is a great way to look your leanest. “Tea, especially green tea, is rich in antioxidants that have been proven to speed metabolism,” explains Mark Ukra, author of “The Ultimate Tea Diet.” In fact, according to Swiss researchers, people who drink green tea burn 266 more calories per day than those who do not. Click here to read more about green tea benefits in my Go Green: 7 Reasons to Drink Green Tea post.

Avoid These Foods in Your Diet

You will be surprised by how much your body will change by cutting out certain foods…

  • For a flat belly, you will need to lose the simple, refined carbohydrates that contain white sugar or white flour. This one is actually pretty simple… When ordering the sandwich or bagel, simply choose whole grain or whole wheat bread instead of white.
  • Taking in too much sugar with nightly desserts, soft drinks, or even juices can result in excess belly fat. Try to just order water when eating out and have fresh fruit for dessert instead!

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  • David Oneal says:

    I truly pity women who have to suffer all those unpleasant diets or intense exercise sessions to have a flat, attractive bellies. It is good for boys that if we want muscles we’re going to get rid of our fat automatically, as an upkeep expense of your muscles. What I am saying is I’m glad I am a guy.

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