The Pickleball Space: New Indoor Facility to Host Charity Tournament

Photo: The Pickleball Space

Glendale’s brand-new indoor pickleball venue, The Pickleball Space, is celebrating its grand opening with its first charity tournament this weekend. 

On Saturday, January 20, play men’s and women’s doubles, and on Sunday, January 21, play mixed doubles in support of the C4 Foundation to support Navy SEAL families. 

Located at 5665 W. Bell Road, this community-oriented indoor pickleball facility spans an impressive 30,000 square feet and boasts 10 well-equipped courts. For those wanting to try their hand at the fastest-growing sport in America, The Pickleball Space offers a diverse selection of classes, catering to all levels and group sizes through their Pickleball Academy. Individual courts can also be reserved for drop-ins using The Pickleball Space’s free mobile app, Court Reserve

The Pickleball Space is a full-service operation, providing all a player might need with its Pro Shop. This one-stop shop features regional pickleball gear and a delightful selection of locally sourced coffee and food.

The versatility of pickleball makes it an enjoyable and inclusive experience that transcends age and skill levels. Some may play competitively, while others casually. But all players enjoy the unique blend of physical activity, social engagement, and strategic gameplay pickleball has to offer. 

Whether one is drawn to the sport for its simplicity, the joy of competition or the opportunity to forge lasting friendships on the court, the consensus among players is that pickleball has a special charm that keeps them coming back for more.

“Our vision is to deliver a warm and dynamic sense of community at our venue, and to be a space where the game of pickleball can thrive,” says John Solema, director of development & programs for The Pickleball Space.  

Learn more about The Pickleball Space and purchase tickets to this weekend’s charity tournament here.

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