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Signs You Might Need a Little More Sleep


It’s easy to let yourself get so busy you don’t allow yourself to get an adequate amount of sleep.  Sleep deprivation is a real issue, one that can lead to subpar behavior and problems throughout the work day.

Featured below are five signs you need to hit the hay a little more.

1.  Clumsiness

If you find yourself a little clumsier than normal, you might need to catch some z’s.  Lack of sleep can lead to issues with your motor capability.

2.  Zoning Out

If you find yourself distracted from conversations and staring out into the distance, you might need more sleep.  When you don’t remember making that left turn driving and your actions become automatic and mechanical, it is a good sign you might need more sleep.

3.  Easily Irritable With Friends and Lovers

If you’re arguing more frequently than usual, you might want to consider whether you’re actually upset or just cranky from having little sleep.

4.  Increased Hunger

Sleep deprivation can increase your appetite.  This is due to an imbalance in your hormones Leptin and Gherlin, Leptin gives the sensation you are full and Gherlin lets you know you’re hungry.  These two hormones often switch when you’re lacking sleep.

5.  You’re Forgetful

The less you sleep, the harder it is for your brain to form memories.  If you often forget your car keys as you walk out the door, it might be due to not getting enough hours of sleep.

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