Post-Workout Stretches to Save Your Muscles


Any true fitness guru knows a good workout is not complete without post-workout stretches.  If properly executed, post-workout stretching can help avoid soreness and injury and will keep your muscles relaxed and able to move freely.  Featured below are some post-workout stretches you should make sure to do every time before leaving the gym.



Stretching your hamstrings is one of the most important stretches.  In order to adequately stretch your hamstrings, first bend your body over at a 90 degree angle.  Then, separate your legs about 2-3 feet apart from each other.  After, attempt to touch your calves or feet with your hands.  Be sure to hold the position on each side for around 30 seconds.

Spinal Twist


Place one leg stretched out in front (as seen above) and cross the other leg over it.  If your left leg is forward, rotate your spine so your left arm is in front of the crossed over leg, while if your right leg is forward, rotate your spine so your right arm is in front of the crossed over leg.   If your back cracks, continue with the stretch and be sure to hold the position until you can adequately feel the stretch in your spine.

Hip Flexors


First, put when leg forward and step into a deep lunge, keeping your hands next to your front foot.  Complete the stretch on both legs.  This stretch should be felt in the hip flexers of the forward leg.



Sit on the ground with your legs separated as far as you can from each other.  Then, slowly reach as far forward on the ground as you can.  You will feel this stretch all over your body from your groin, to your back to your lower calves.

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