Innovative Healing Center Opens in Paradise Valley

Kim Roach, founder of The Starlight House. Photo: Christine Sanchez Photography

The Starlight House, an innovative alternative medicine haven, recently opened in Paradise Valley. The healing center focuses on light, sound and vibrational therapies coupled with cutting-edge technologies to assist clients with their physical, emotional and spiritual healing. 

A cornerstone of The Starlight Houses services is a light therapy known as brain entrainment, or fractionation hypnosis, which is combined with sound and vibration therapy. This approach is used to bring balance by opening and relaxing areas of the mind and body to promote healing and harmony. With a thoughtfully curated collection of therapies, both centuries-old and brand-new, clients can access a customized, well-rounded experience of self-healing and self-discovery. 

Founder Kim Roach employs her 20-plus years of experience with yoga and other holistic alternative treatments to create her practice at The Starlight House. Roach shares her goals, saying, “My sole intention for The Starlight House is to assist my clients in opening and receiving the wisdom of their higher self. These practices allow stimulation of the pineal gland, often referred to as the seat of consciousness, this gland is said to connect us with intuitive guidance from the higher self through our crown chakra. My goal is to offer technologies, practices and reflections that allow you to identify, receive and trust the wisdom perfectly designed for you by YOU.” 

Cutting-edge alternative medical technology helps guide treatments. Bio-Well technology scans the body and provides a visual illustration of a person’s energy fields. The scan highlights specific locations of energy blockage or depletion that The Starlight House team will use to target specific areas through curated healing frequencies. A safe therapy for any age, Bach Flower remedies can also aid in healing energy blockages. These tinctures promote emotional healing and positive mindset transformations. 

The Starlight House aims to host a community of like-minded individuals seeking to manage life’s pressures and unpredictable terrain while desiring emotional and spiritual growth. This community is fostered through group Full Moon Sound Ceremonies that are held monthly. The gatherings are led through meditative reflections encouraged by the calming sounds of chimes, Tibetan Bowls and drums. 

Learn more about The Starlight House and its offerings here.

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