Imagining the Future & A Brave New Normal

By Nicole Bowman – Advisor Live the Light on Keen

2020 has been a challenging year on many fronts. The mental, emotional, and spiritual toll has been felt by us all. As a global community, we strive to achieve balance.

Even though we are separated by land and divided by sea, the weight of this pandemic bonds us together perfectly. 

It also begs the question, who will we be when this is all over? Perhaps, more importantly, who do we want to be?

Is it possible to re-imagine a world where we learn to slow down, do less, and think more? Is productivity the most important thing?

How about our quality of life? Can that improve or change and if so, how? What do we value now? What is most important to us?

We ask so many questions in order to find the answer. The beautiful thing is, the answer will be different for each of us. During this period, we have a wonderful opportunity to push the reset button and determine how life will look moving forward.

Whether we stand bravely on the front lines as essential workers, remain at home to save lives, or march in the streets to achieve social equity, we are actively creating our future. 

With that being said, join me and take a moment to push limitations aside. If money were no object, if popularity were inconsequential, if the opinions of others no longer mattered, who would you be?

What would you do? Would you continue to live the life you currently have or would you strive for more?

For some of us, more looks like less. More can become tranquility and simplicity. It may also look like traveling the world or finding a new job. It may involve starting a business, building a relationship, or ending one.

No matter the vision is it about what is best for our souls. It is about what feeds us when the obstacles fall away. 

Let’s affirm the quality of life we want moving forward. This includes relationships, self image, career, and living situations.

Throughout this month, take a few minutes each day to consider all of the above. Remember to concentrate on what you’d like your life to look like if the superficiality & obstacles did not exist.

While these stirrings may seem impossible, they belong to the soul and they are a clear representation of who you truly are. 

Take some time to ruminate on this affirmation. Write it down, say it out loud, and watch your world begin to change:

“I accept my new life and the path that opens up for me. I know it is perfect for me and in time I will understand why.”

As we come to a close, I am reminded of the past and words of wisdom that can guide us forward. The poet Rumi once said, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

When I reflect on this, I feel that Rumi was speaking in terms of pain, tribulation, and heartbreak.

He was also touching on the unexpected changes that turn life upside down. It is in those moments, that we discover who we truly are. We learn to let go of what was, as visions of a new life appear.

It’s a brand new world and a brave new normal but we are ready for it and we are open to it, all in perfect time.  

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