How to Look and Feel Fantastic This Summer (Even with Varicose Veins)

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Ah, summertime, when the livin’ is easy…unless of course you’re living with varicose veins. A season you formerly spent lounging poolside is now filled with stress as you fight the side effects of this medical condition.

The reason these mid-months can be dreadful is due to the warm temperatures -and yes, we feel them. Heat is aggravating to varicose veins, leading to discomforts like pain, itching, swelling, and numbness. In addition, it can be embarrassing! While others are flaunting their sun- kissed legs – you are left discovering unique ways to hide them.

Let this be the year that varicose veins don’t keep you away from summertime bliss. In fact, there are many ways to indulge in the season while actually improving your vein health! Below are recommendations of activities to help you stay cool, look great – all while fighting those unsightly veins.

Embrace Fitness:

Exercising 30 minutes a day is essential to keeping your veins healthy. But, when the temperatures are soaring, this can seem difficult to do. Fortunately, there are physical activities that are perfect for the hottest time of year.


It’s still possible to hit the path for a 30 minute walk as long as you are conscious of timing. Take your walks either in the early morning or after the sun sets in the evening. Another idea is to head to your nearest mall. Before the stores open, take advantage of the open pathways (and air conditioning) to get in a workout. For added fun – bring a friend and window shop while you move!


Who says you can’t enjoy some pool time? Swimming is an excellent low-impact cardio exercise for someone with varicose veins. It keeps you in shape and improves blood circulation – without putting stress on the body.

Fitness Classes:

Exercising can be fun when you do so in a class setting. Activities like dancing and yoga are perfect selections for a person with varicose veins. Not only does your body get a workout, but your mind and soul do too!

Healthy Dining in the Heat:

Adopting a nutritious diet is important for promoting positive vein health. Luckily during the summer it is not very hard to do! Crisp natural foods like fruits and vegetables can be very appealing when the temps are boiling.

A good idea is to incorporate seasonal foods into your diet that have an ability to promote healthy veins. Berries are a top choice, as they are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants. Also, don’t forget about those incredible avocados, which contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals.

Look Cool with Compression Wear:

If you have varicose veins you know the importance of compression wear. It helps improve your circulation so that blood doesn’t pool in your legs. While these garments can be a lifesaver – when it’s hot out – the last thing you might wish to do is put on MORE clothes! Even so, if you want your legs to feel good – there is no getting around it. But…there are ways to make it a little less uncomfortable. Open-toed designs, sheers, and neutral colors are cooler choices for the heat.

Also, did you know that compression wear is a growing trend in the fashion world? Consider switching from hose to knee highs – and pairing them with a skirt. Pick bright colors and funky summer patterns to express yourself while you stay comfortable.

Lastly, if you’re traveling for a vacation – always incorporate compression wear into your outfit!

Relax with Your Feet Up:

The summertime is supposed to be the most relaxing season of the year. Why not celebrate this by putting your feet up! Leg elevation is extremely helpful in easing the side effects of varicose veins. Take advantage of the technique every day – and accompany it with a good book, your favorite hobby, or a cold glass of lemonade.

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Content By: Kathleen Shipman

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