Five Easy Calorie Burners Post-Thanksgiving in Phoenix


Well, you’ve eaten more than your typical weekly calorie intake.  While it was delicious and you had no regrets yesterday, you are suddenly wishing you could do a little something extra to make up for your overeating on Thanksgiving.

If you’re looking for some quick workout tips to burn some extra calories post Thanksgiving, you’ve came to the right place.  Featured below are five easy workouts to burn some extra calories post Thanksgiving.

1.  The Black Friday Walk


The best way to workout today without even realizing you are working out is by Black Friday shopping.  Rather than go straight to the first store you see, spend some time walking around and paroozing by all the windows.  If you walk an extra 30 minutes around the mall before shopping, you will burn about 2-3 miles worth of calories before you realize it!

2.  Hike Camelback Mountain


The Valley’s residents have one of the best places to exercise right in their own backyards.  Camelback Mountain is a beautiful and quick hike with views of the Phoenix skyline all the way to the top.  For visiting tourists, hiking Camelback is part of the Phoenix experience, so why not take advantage of this 2,707 ft. hike?

3.  Run the Canals


Our canals running throughout the city make for the best running trails.  With each distance from bridge to bridge on the canals equaling around 1 mile, these pathways allow for an easy way to estimate the distance you are covering.  Enjoy scenic covered parts of the canals by the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, waving hello to the fellow fit Arizonans running by and next to you.

4.  Outdoor Yoga


This 75-85 degree weather makes for the perfect outdoor yoga weather.  Gather a group of friends for some relaxing yoga in one of the Valley’s many city parks, or bring a mat to the top of one of the Valley’s mountains for some solo yoga action.

5.  An Outdoor Swim


Take advantage of the fact that we live in a part of the world where you don’t have to swim indoors during winter.  Pools are heated and still open, and the slightly chilly weather will not leave you freezing after exiting the pool.

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