Fashion News Flash– It’s All About Compression!

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Have you heard the word? Medical Compression stockings or men’s compression socks are now considered a stylish accessory– and not just within your Grandma’s social circle. They are seen at every running event. In fact, this hot trend has taken the fashion world by storm, from the runway to the streets– it seems to be all about compression.

This news couldn’t be more exciting than to those with varicose veins. For decades women have been forced to choose between looking good and feeling good. Yet that time is over. The only choice left is whether you prefer sexy socks– or– thrilling thigh highs. And of course an even tougher decision– plain, printed, or perhaps something in  between.

Far from just chic, compression legwear (video)  actually helps improve the symptoms of varicose veins. While improper blood circulation is what causes these veins to bulge, compression garments have the ability to send the blood upwards out of the legs–in return providing relief.

They especially are important to wear during times where prolonged sitting or standing occurs. For example, going on a trip? Consider compression socks to be your traveling buddy. Attending your company’s mixer? Not without your dancing partner named “stockings.” But don’t worry– now you can show them off with pride! No longer will you stick out as someone with Grandma’s style. Instead you can express your hip self on the outside– all while feeling great on the inside.

Visit the Morrison Vein Institute to be measured for your personalized compression wear. Afterwards, they will refer you to their preferred vendor– All About Compression! They specialize in high-quality compression garments for both men and women. From athletes, to the sophisticated, all the way to the funky fashionistas– they have medical grade wear to fit a wide variety of tastes.

To learn more techniques for improving your vein health– including our advanced treatments,  or to take an in depth questionnaire, visit Morrison Vein, call 480-860-6455 or email the Morrison Vein Institute at

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-Article provided by Morrison Vein

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