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Detox with this Revolutionary New Method

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Did you know the average person is exposed to over 2,000 chemicals before even leaving the house each morning? Talk about a major downer. Everything from your daily Starbucks run to your makeup drawer to your toilet bowl cleaner can be toxic to the body. Chemical toxins are easily absorbed into the body, which in turn can disrupt organ function and pose negative effects like weight gain, low energy levels, acne, high cholesterol and other serious chronic diseases. No thanks to all of the above.

Enter Scottsdale based ProlifeStream…the brand new revolutionary nutritional system detoxifies, balances and strengthens multiple organs and functions in the body. ProlifeStream is a fancy synergistic blend of goodness like vitamins, minerals and amino acids combined with several selected patented ingredients aimed to boost organ function and improve overall health.

“It is only through daily detoxification that we can help the body to effectively get rid of these harmful chemicals and improve our health,” says Dr. Karampahtsis, Naturopathic Doctor, Formulator and Founder of ProlifeStream.

While the body naturally detoxifies on a daily basis, Dr. Karampahtsis uncovered through his years in clinical practice that his patients needed support to fight diseases and reduce the negative symptoms of stress and other modern day ailments. Through his research and study of natural and orthomolecular medicine, as well as botanical medicine he created ProlifeStream.

“Who wants to take more than a dozen pills a day to boost health and help the body effectively detox? With ProlifeStream you simply dissolve two packets in water that you can drink on the go,” he says. “It is my mission and goal to develop a nutritional system that is not only a simple source to improving health but it also helps slow down the deterioration of the body and doesn’t break the bank!”. Cheers to that doc!

For more information on ProlifeStream visit prolifestream.com

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