Your Guide: The Arizona State Fair

Take part in a century-old tradition by attending the Arizona State Fair, a classic annual event for all ages to enjoy. The very first Arizona Territorial Fair was held in November 1884 Phoenix near the Salt River west of Central Avenue. Fairgoers of the day were treated to horse, pony, and mule races along with exhibits including agriculture, home economics, and dairy and beef cattle.

This year’s Fair marks the 66th consecutive time Arizonans have celebrated with an annual State Fair. Running from now until November 6, check out the best picks of rides and attractions and, of course, that quirky Fair food:


1. Slack-Wire Sam

Slack-Wire Sam’s one man acrobatic comedy show is family-friendly entertainment at its best. Unicycling, juggling, and hand balancing all done on a slack-wire while providing clever commentary that entertains audiences of all ages.

2. The Big Aerial Show

The Big Aerial Show features juggling, hand balancing, and trapeze, with a jaw dropping performance atop an 80-foot high-sway pole.

3. La Grande Wheel

Hop onto the largest traveling Ferris wheel in North America, La Grande Wheel. It stands 15 stories high and can hold 288 people.

4. Mega-Drop

Deemed “the scariest of all rides,” the Mega-Drop is the centerpiece of the RCS midway standing almost 40 meters high. 12 thrill seekers ride at one time elevating all the way to the top before plummeting all the way to the bottom feeling 5 g forces of acceleration in seconds.


1. S’mores on a Stick

A campfire classic, now breaded and deep fried into a structurally unsound mess of soggy graham cracker and melted chocolate.

2. Deep Fried Watermelon

Flash-fried watermelon on a stick drizzled with strawberry syrup and dusted with powdered sugar.

3. Giant Texas Tenderloin Sandwich

Now you’re getting into some real Man V. Food stuff with this tenderloin sandwich that’s the size of your forearm, all topped with lettuce and tomatoes served on a toasty baguette.

4. Deep Fried Bubblegum

Three balls of spongy dough filled with gooey, bubblegum-flavored marshmallow. Spoiler alert: There’s no actual bubblegum in the fried dough, although the vendors do add a few balls of bubblegum to be kind of true to name.

The Arizona State Fair
1826 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85007
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays


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