Dress Code: How to Dress to Meet the Parents in 9 Simple Rules



If planning the holiday season wasn’t stressful enough, let’s throw the family into the mix. But not yours this time. They’re used to seeing you in your old beat-up sweats and no make-up and will always love you anyways. But, you’re meeting the boyfriend’s family for the first time. And meeting them, a whole other ball-game. You obviously are going to be dressed to the nines and will have it planned long before shaking the hands of your future mother-in-law. But, what’s too much? What’s not enough?

To help ease and calm all of the nerves of impressing his gaggle, here are nine simple rules to make a lasting impression when meeting the boyfriend’s family.
Presented by our beautiful model, Lauren Garcia of WhatLolaLikes, clothes from CRUSH Boutique, photographed by Shannon Gilpin, styled by Toni Lorentzen, hair styling by Tara Hair of The Waverly Salon, and make-up by Stephanie SN Makeup Artist.

  1. Pull It Together: Make sure that you’ve planned your outfit well before you leave the house, or have it packed in your suitcase before traveling. The last thing that you want to do is be running late, already nervous, and have no idea what to wear and not present yourself in the most comfortable manner of yourself.
  2. Plan It Out: Do not wait until 15-minutes before you leave the house. You know that you’ll start with a beautifully organized closet and leave with 10-failed outfits thrown across the room and now clothes towering your bed and you will have left with a less-than-ideal version of your look than you had planned.
  3. Keep It Simple: Impressing with glitz and glam or your most intricate runway-ready outfit may be your first thought…but his family wants to get to know you and doesn’t want to have to do that by digging through ten layers of lace and chiffon to actually see you.
  4. Opt for Neutrals: A simple white top or tank can go a long way. Yes. Who doesn’t love color? But, you don’t want to attack your future family with rainbow tights and floral patterned raincoats just yet. Throw on a clean cut and flattering moto jacket or an edgy bomber jacket in a dark subdued holiday color. It will still show your style and also help keep you in a festive color-scheme for the holidays. It maintains the rules of ‘keeping it simple and neutral’ with your own favorite pop of color.
  5. Layer, Layer, Layer: Naturally the holidays will bring colder weather but your nerves and different celebratory locations will bring the heat and thermostat changes. Dress comfortably and dress in simple layers that you can easily take off when needed. One large bulky sweater, though warm, can leave you uncomfortable. A top and light jacket combination make a great base. If colder, a scarf and large coat can be added.
  6. Accessorize Simply: Simple and seamless pieces will allow you to keep simplicity and won’t be distracting. Try a simple stud earring that will give a little sparkle. Pair your earrings with gold lightweight layering necklaces for the perfect touch of texture and adornment for the ensemble.
  7. Stay Comfortable: Don’t even pick one piece of your ensemble that will make you uncomfortable. The last thing you want is to be continuously worried over how your clothes are laying on you, if you need to watch out for your bra straps, or keep yourself sucked-in the entire night. A comfortable pair of jeans, that fit you well, are the perfect way to ensure comfort.
  8. Minimize the Make-Up: Another area to apply the rule “less is more.” Use colors, soft tones, that accentuate your natural beauty. For an evening event: feel free to play up the eyeshadow with darker warm tones. Make sure to not go too heavy on excessive eyeliner. Remember: you want his family to see you not MAC or Maybeline.
  9. Smile and Shine: The stress and worry if someone will like and accept you is worrisome enough. Smile! Show that you’re having a great time. What should be said more often to any man or woman: be yourself. All of the time. If you’re confident and secure in who you are and in your relationship, his family will fall in love with you just as he did.










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