Simple Jane Makes Stay-Home-Date-Night Fun With #StayHomeStaySexy Giveaway

Simple Jane Pleasures is kicking off a #StayHomeStaySexy campaign to bring pleasure and fun to one lucky couple who could use an at-home date night revamp! 

Founded by mother-daughter team Angella and Chelsea Hamilton, Simple Jane Pleasures is an all-natural massage oil company making products for a closer connection.

“People crave intimacy now more than ever, but with stress, family and obligations, it can be challenging to find ways to make that relaxation into pleasure possible,” says co-founder Chelsea. “Our products are a new way for people to come closer to each other.” 

A recent study reports that 38% of U.S. couples said that lockdown has improved their sex life (if not  their sexual frequency). And more than half (54%) of couples have become more sexually adventurous.  

The health benefits of intimacy are numerous, the most important being that a regular sex life leads to a  reduction in stress and depression.

“There’s nothing sexier than feeling confident in your own body,” says Chelsea. “Simple Jane’s arousal oil products are something that women of all ages can add to their bedroom that helps to get into the mood physically more enjoyable so you can mentally enjoy the whole experience. Our goal is to make pleasure an experience, not a chore.” 

The #StayHomeStaySexy Sweepstakes kicks off in Scottsdale, AZ with a bundle of goodies for the perfect at-home date night, starting with Simple Jane’s trio of signature Arousal Oils to set the mood.

The bundle also includes a life-long virtual subscription to’s Tantric Massage courses.

“If we can help people get excited to explore pleasure as a natural and uninhibited part of their lives, then we’ve done our job,” says CEO Angella Hamilton. is an incredible resource for someone  who picks up our product and could use a little guidance on how to explore pleasure in a really classy  and approachable way.

– Angella Hamilton, CEO of Simple Jane Pleasures provides online courses in a modern way to explore sensuality.  Also included is a $100 gift card to Fox Restaurants for the lucky couple to order in a dinner for their date night, with over 11 concepts and 50 Valley locations to redeem at to support the local restaurant economy!

The Sweepstakes series will begin in Scottsdale and expand to bring a bit of sexy to Massachusetts, Texas, Idaho, and North Carolina cities next.

Entries for the giveaway for Scottsdale will begin October 14, 2020, and entries will be available until October 20th, 2020.

Email entries to win can be submitted at 

About Simple Jane Pleasures 
Simple Jane Pleasures is a female-founded company based in Scottsdale, Arizona making products to  bring people closer. Our line of CBD Arousal Oils are made with minimalist ingredients to make intimacy  simple.  

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