A Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! While this might be a time of excitement and tenderness for some, it can be a day of dread and anxiety for others. In order to make this holiday one to remember, Kelleher International is here with a few tips. We understand the pressures that can come with Valentine’s Day. Whether you are single, a hopelessness romantic, or in a long-term relationship, this can be a tricky day of the year. Here is our guide to surviving Valentine’s Day!

The savvy single

  • Do not mope. Do not use this time to reflect on past relationships that did not work out. Do not contact exes out of desperate need to reconnect with someone on this day. Remember – those relationships didn’t work out for a reason.
  • Dedicate the day to relationships that you truly want to nourish. For instance, consider a best friend, sibling or parent. Make plans with them and enjoy an afternoon or evening one-on-one. This is a great opportunity to spend quality time with someone important that might otherwise not be offered.
  • Improve the day for others by volunteering. Whether at an elderly home or an animal shelter, giving back is an ideal way to express love and appreciation on Valentine’s Day. The excitement and joy from an elder or homeless animal will undoubtedly make this investment a special one to remember.
  • Make it a party. Invite your closest single friends over for a night in to simply relax. Enjoy dinner together, make time for mani-pedis (or another interest), and tune in for a movie marathon. To top it off, add beers or cosmos!
  • Celebrate yourself. Plan ahead and schedule a couple of treats to personally enjoy on Valentine’s Day. This will give the savvy single something to look forward to. Whether a day at the spa, hair salon or barber, or trip to your favorite mall, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show self-love.

Valentine’s Day tip: avoid first dates on Valentine’s Day. This is a setup for unnecessary pressure and false expectations. Not only is it awkward to be surrounded by the other long-term and affectionate couples, but it might feel uncomfortable starting the relationship around all of the hype that coincides with the holiday. Rather, reschedule the first date for a few days later. This helps to avoid all of the extravagant buildup!

The hopeless romantic

The hopeless romantic is someone who puts an enormous amount of time and effort into planning the perfect Valentine’s date and accompanying gift for their significant other. While this is more than generous, they tend to get their hopes up. If a reservation falls through, the gift isn’t the right size, or the secret candlelit dinner isn’t just right, chances are that disappointment will ensue. In order for the hopeless romantic to thrive this Valentine’s Day, the following should be considered:

  • Set realistic expectations. Life has a tendency of getting in the way. If things do not go exactly as planned, that is okay. Simply remember to enjoy the day with your partner and realize that they love you regardless of the night’s success.
  • Embrace the euphoria of the day with preparedness. Valentine’s is a commercialized holiday dedicated to expressing love and affection for a significant other. Do this with ease and try not to go over the top. Think of something that your date will thoroughly enjoy and that is appropriate for where the relationship is currently at.
  • Use creativity to your advantage. The hopeless romantic is an imaginative individual that should utilize this skill on Valentine’s Day. Rather than setting up the holiday with a cliché night out, plan something more sentimental for your partner that you will have complete control over. For instance, a home-cooked meal, musical serenade, personal poetry reading, etc. are all date ideas that take advantage of one’s romantic side with elegance and simplicity.

The long-term relationship

For married couples and those who are in long-term relationships, this is not the first time you have enjoyed Valentine’s Day together. The butterflies and thrill of the holiday might not seem as fresh or enticing as they once did. However, there are several ways to get through the day and make it just as special as it was that first year together:

  • If you have children, hire a babysitter to enjoy a night with just the two of you. Reenact your very first date together. Whether you played pool together, went to a concert, or simply ate at a restaurant, try your best to make that night happen all over again. Reminisce about your years together and how far you both have come in the relationship.
  • Get your partner a gift for him or gift for her. Even though you both know you love one another, it is important to show that as well. Despite the years spent together, do not skimp on the gift simply because it might not feel as necessary. Whether you invest in a new shiny accessory or a clothing item they’ve been eyeing, find something that you know will make your partner feel special and appreciated.
  • Use the element of surprise. After all of these years together, you and your partner have grown to know one another’s habits and, thus, expectations have been set. Surpass those expectations by going above and beyond, or simply by doing something a little different this year. Have flowers delivered to their work. Whisk them away to a bed and breakfast nearby. For those who are not as crafty, try your hand at a love letter or a scrapbook – the unexpected effort and thought will be a gift in itself.
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