Take the Stress Off: 5 Advantages to Group Dates



Let’s face it. With our busy work schedules, always transitioning social life, and the hundreds of different online or application based dating sites…the thought of dating is stressful. The attempt at dating is stressful. Dating is just plain stressful. The terrifying and awkward first date to start it all off always sets a level of intimidation and stress on each party involved. However, various companies have set forth in order to help steer away from the “hook-up culture” of apps and the stressful atmosphere of one-on-one first dates.

Described as “dating with your friends,” Crew Commander personally matches you up with someone else on the site and does all the work for you. They tell you when and where to meet up for your “Crew Date” and all you have to do is show up, but not alone! The uniqueness of Crew Commander is that you bring two of your friends, “your crew,” and they bring two of their friends, “their crew,” and both crews meet up. Here are five advantages to group dates.


  1. Socializing is Less Awkward: A one-on-one date creates at least an awkward feeling or awkward first hour of interaction. In a group atmosphere, socializing is less awkward because you have more people to focus on rather than yourself. And hey, maybe someone will do something embarrassing before you do. “It was a great and relaxed environment that made it much easier to actually meet new people,’ says Crew Commander Facebook Winner Stacey Haggerson. (Azfoothills.com and Crew Commander sent 6-Facebook contest winners on a group date to see the Arizona Diamondbacks during Cactus League Spring Training to test this method).


  1. No Pressure to Impress: Not all of the attention is on just you. There is less pressure around wanting to impress just one person and more ease throughout the entire situation.



  1. Maximizes the Chances: Let’s say that you don’t hit it off with the initial person that you planned to, the chances are higher with two other candidates that have come along that you’ll hit it off with someone.


  1. More Conversation: With six people all interacting, there’s much more variety of conversation so that each person can get to know each other with a wider variety of topics and reactions.



  1. Friendships Form: In group environments, there’s more of a likelihood of the entire group wanting to “hang out” again or “meet up later” for a sense of community. Even if a particular “couple” may not come out of the date, at least six new people met each other and bonded. “It was a great relaxed environment to hang out with friends and meet new people, we had an extremely fun time with more people!” says Haggerson.

Clients and Crew date attendees agree that the atmosphere of the adventures invested show a less threatening atmosphere that eliminates the majority of the stress and anticipation of a the one-on-one match up.


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