Food Wonderland: Check Out These Amazing ‘Foodscapes’ by Artist Carl Warner

At first glance, it’s just a pretty landscape picture. Look again, the delightful scene is actually a careful construct of fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread and meat.

In his book, A World of Food: Discover Magical Lands Made of Things You Can Eat, U.K.-based photographer Carl Warner builds and photographs miniature landscapes out of entirely edible ingredients. Each of the book’s 12 pictures is color-themed. For instance, “Yellow” is a desert made of pasta palm trees, cereal sand and Swiss cheese pyramids, while “Orange” features pumpkin cottages, carrot trees and apricot leaves.

Other Foodscapes Warner has created include realistic constructs of monuments like the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal.


Every image takes about two to three days to build and photograph, where each scene is shot in layers to create a zany optical illusion.

To find out more about Carl Warner and his Foodscapes series, please visit

Scroll down for more Foodscapes:

foodscape_15 foodscape_19 foodscape_22 foodscape_23 foodscape_28 foodscape_29 foodscape_36


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