Five Easy to Do Crafternoon Projects

Everyone needs a good “crafternoon”, an afternoon dedicated to crafts, or something that will feed your creative energy.  With a few basic items and some creativity, any craft is possible!

Featured below are five fun do it yourself projects that all crafters and creators will enjoy.

1. Marble Papar Modeling

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 12.30.56 PM

A decorative piece of paper can go a long way. From invitations to recipe covers, marble paper modeling can be a trendy way to make something as simple as a paper card more unique and fun!

For all the insights and information on how to make yourself Paper Modeling, click HERE.

2. Fresh Fruit and Flower Centerpieces.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 12.37.38 PM

Centerpieces can add a special touch to any table.  Instead of an ordinary centerpiece like flowers, you might want to try this fragrant and beautiful pineapple and flower centerpiece.  The pineapple will provide a tropical feel, with flowers giving it a feminine touch.

To learn how to make these fruity and flowery centerpieces, click HERE.

3. Mini Apple Pie Min Apple


Mini apple pies are simple to make and absolutely adorable.  Whether for a party or small dinner, these personal sized deserts are a perfect little treat.

To learn how to make these mini delectable apple pies, click HERE.

4. Bleach Pen Tank Top

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 12.42.36 PM

Personalized t-shirts can be perfect for anything from a birthday party to a bachelorette party.  If you’re on a budget, buying custom tees can seem out of the question.  Custom homemade bleach tank tops are a more inexpensive option. With proper instructions, bleach tanks can look as cute as something you might purchase in a store!

To learn how to make designs on your tanks using bleach pens, click HERE.

5. Shell Topped Bottles

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 12.45.29 PM

Shell topped bottles can be perfect for anything from home decorations to centerpieces.  These little gems are easy and fun to make.

To learn how to make these fun home decorations, click HERE.

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