Support Local Arizona Restaurants With The TakeIn App

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Meet TakeIn. A local, much-needed option for our restaurant community to thrive.

The pandemic is crushing local businesses. Restaurants have raised menu prices 30-40% on third party apps to offset their (and staff’s) losses and try to stay alive.

But not on TakeIn. On TakeIn, restaurants get the complete total, tax, and tips. Delivery is mileage based, and restaurants offer progressive discounts to incentivize you to order directly from them on TakeIn. Customers save money while restaurants and staff make all the profit they should from each order.

TakeIn is an app to connect our local restaurants with their community. A way to elevate our neighborhoods, a way to improve doing business.

They’re a San Diego startup that just launched in Arizona in December, with restaurants joining daily.

On TakeIn they provide *their* customers with app convenience, delivery, and better service at no cost to the restaurant. No commissions, ongoing fees, hardware costs, contracts, or marketing expenses.

They do it through lean operations focused on helping restaurants reach YOU. This allows customers to support their local restaurant FULLY! 

We are for you; neighborhoods, restaurants, mom and pop shops, small businesses, and family-owned businesses.

This is truly for LOCALS ONLY. No large commercial chains!!!

For more information on TakeIn and how you can support local restaurants, visit:

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