Scottsdale’s FRANCINE Restaurant Unveils 5 New Cocktails This Summer

FRANCINEthe highly acclaimed French-inspired Mediterranean cuisine restaurant in the luxury wing of Scottsdale Fashion Square is proud to present a new lineup of crafty cocktails just in time for a summer soiree.

The 5 new creative cocktail recipes were each crafted by Francine’s top bartenders and are available during brunch, lunch and dinner. 

The new drinks are currently on the cocktail menu this summer and will remain there through the fall and winter months.

Topping the list is The French Connection, an infused rum and St. Germain cocktail with rosa liquor, including hints of citrus and basil. This perfect pallet refresher for a summer day was created by FRANCINE Bartender Gage Myette. The drink pairs delightfully with the Chocolate Pot De Crème offered on Francine’s dessert menu.

Next on the French-inspired new cocktail list is Summer Thyme, a Silencio Mezcal base with peach liquor, pink peppercorn syrup, grapefruit, and lemon juice – shaken not stirred. The cocktail is served in a wine glass, topped with prosecco, hand crushed pink peppercorns, peach slices and a thyme knot.

Summer Thyme is a crisp and aesthetic cocktail created by FRANCINE Bartender Frank Soldano. Summer Thyme is beautifully accompanied by the Dungeness Crab and Shrimp Salad offered on Francine’s lunch Menu.

FRANCINE Cocktail Aficionado Trevyn StClair is responsible for the beautiful elevation of gin in his new creation. Le Jardin combines citadelle gin, yellow chartreuse, and yuzu liquor. Finishing the cocktail off with lime juice and honey, giving it a sweet and sour essence. After assembling the ingredients in a shaker, it is double strained over ice in a small rocks glass and garnished with half a cucumber peel and mint sprig.

The sweetness of Le Jardin is complimented when paired with the herbs and spices in the Cote De Boeuf offered on Francine’s lunch and dinner menu.

Mix sweet vermouth, Italian bitters, and spirits of elderflower to create the next enchanting cocktail. San Remo is a premium whiskey-based cocktail, combined with lime and orange juice, then strained into a double rocks glass and garnished with an orange wheel and rosemary sprig.

This refreshing French cocktail recipe is also provided by Trevyn St.Clair. The Francine appetizers that serve as the perfectly balanced flavor profile for the San Remo are the Eggplant Mezza and Warm Olives. Completing the list of FRANCINE’s new cocktails is Archies Nightcap.

Starting with Botanist Gin, Averna Amaro, Bruto Americano, and Campari; this concoction offers sweet, bitter, and spicy flavors to please any pallet. The ingredients are stirred, strained over a big cube in a small rocks glass, and finally garnished with an orange paddle. Archies Nightcap is a collaboration recipe provided by Frank Soldano and Executive Chef Brian Archibald of Francine Restaurant. 

Archies Nightcap is well paired with the sea salted crust Whole Branzino, a dish offered on Francine’s lunch and dinner menu.

Collaborating with Chef Brian on this was such a fun and creative process. We tasted so many variations and really enjoyed exploring different combinations.

The best part was when we would try something so out of left field, and it would work on multiple levels. With the unique blends, original names and highest quality ingredients they offer I think people are going to love them.

Frank Soldano, bartender at FRANCINE

For more details about FRANCINE and its new cocktails visit their website at

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